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A Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison
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Dec 19, 2011

really liked it
Read on December 17, 2011

Rachel has moved on and is dating Kisten, still trying to keep the balance with Ivy, has gotten Jenks back and is keeping her business going (no small thanks to high paying jobs from Trent). When she finds out Nick is in huge trouble she of course has to come to the rescue of her ex-boyfriend, as she loves to help the underdog. Her trip to save Nick is not just to save Nick but Jenk's son who has been led astray and to a life of being a thief by Nick. In order to prepare for the trip she must use demon magic to safeguard herself and Jenks. Although Ivy doesnt like it she is left behind. Rachel and Jenks go on a suicide mission to save Nick but their demon curses come in handy fortunately. The plot gets quite complicated with Nick having stolen something that can change the dynamics of the vampire and werewolf relationship for the worse and rachel's team and other acquaintances trying to help prevent it. Ivy comes to help them without their asking and their relationship changes drastically and somewhat confusingly in my opinion. Her pack member David shows up briefly at the beginning and ending but seems like he could be a more featured character in the future.
Came away despising Nick after this book, such an ass. Quite curious about Ceri and her light usage of demon curses on Rachel, yet Rachel has yet to be suspicious of her which is odd to me. Her attraction towards Jenks was kind of weirding me out too, maybe a couple comments would be ok but it just seemed like it was constant. Along the way they are aided by a witch who owned his own diving company and of course Rachel and he are somewhat attracted to each other.

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