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WolfSong by J.H. Sked
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Dec 19, 2011

it was amazing

Wolfsong by Janet Sked is a touching tale…no, that’s not it. Wolfsong by Janet Sked is a wild ride of adventure…no, that’s not it either. Wait, I’ve got it. Wolfsong by Janet Sked is so much awesomeness packed into one book it cannot be simply described as one thing or another. Think The Wolfman travels to the realm of Dragonlance, meets a whole new race of ferociousness with heart that Harry Potter wishes he could perform magic like and now we are getting close to describing Wolfsong.

I was blown away by this epic tale about a humanoid race called the Hawks trying to live peacefully with humans and still stay true to themselves. They have provided humans with medicine, education, protection and still they are regarded with fear and mistrust.
The Hawks are not the only race in the Crescent, the land of Wolfsong, that humans despise and spurn. The wolf people, or werewolves to be more exact, are regarded with the same disdain as the Hawks and because of this, trouble that could tear the Crescent apart has arisen.
The Hawks of Bright Lance Squad are sent to investigate the annihilation of a small town by a werewolf in the grips of Thaarn. What the Hawks discover is a nightmare whose terror some of their own also fall victim to.

While the Hawks are mourning their fallen comrades and dealing with overwhelming grief, it is discovered that there is still one powerful monster on the loose. They desperately need the aid of the wolf people to catch the cunning berserker before he crosses the vale and is out of their jurisdiction causing who knows how much mayhem.
Unfortunately, in the course of seeking the assistance of the wolf people another dire threat is uncovered. An evil is lurking in the midst of the werewolves that will stop at nothing to further his goals of power and domination.

They do have one thing on their side, though. One of their fallen comrades has come back as a spirit to help untangle the twisted mess that has thrown even the astral plane out of balance. As a result of her intervention the plans of the sinister Shaman have been derailed and the Hawks have gained a new wolfie addition to their squad. On the down side having the villain’s plans torn asunder does little to make him less of a threat.

Now, with a berserk monster on the loose and an evil power obsessed werewolf hot on his trail the Hawks must reform and rediscover who they are and what really matters to them in order to hunt down these two vicious predators. Especially since the ruling council of the Crescent has decided to disband the Hawks altogether in a conspired attempt to drive them from their home forever.

Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen next Janet would artfully throw a new element into the fray that would change everything. All the plot twists and turns melded together to sing a beautiful Wolfsong that will touch your heart, make it race and break it a few times in the process. This book will inspire you to think about what you would do if your world was about to come crashing down around you.
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