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Angels Don't Knock! by Dan Yates
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Dec 19, 2011

did not like it
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I was given this book for my birthday.... and I don't think I'll be able to sleep until I've vented.

WOW. It was bad. SUPER bad. Just so, so incredibly bad, I can't get over it. I give it 1.5 stars, because the idea was good. I wanted the hero and heroine to get together. But the execution? I'm tempted to rewrite the whole thing for the author so I can show him how it's done. Because wow. I can't get over the super-duper badness.

(A) The Writing
You could tell RIGHT off the bat that the story wasn't going to be fleshed out enough (read: AT ALL) because the thing is only 167 pages. That's shorter an a Nancy Drew book, people. The book didn't have a lot of description, and was mostly strings of dialogue. That's fine.... if the dialogue is any good. But the level of conversation that took place between the characters was like a bunch of (ANNOYING) twelve-year-olds. Or maybe that's just what an old man thinks a young, vibrant woman talks like? I just don't know, but it was something awful. And the repetition! There's this love triangle (oh the stupidity!)... and the two guys call each other names, of course... but they call each other the SAME TWO NAMES over and over and over and over again. And stupid names I just couldn't get past... Plus, time passed very abnormally through the book. It spans a 4-month period, but reads like a week, maybe 10 days.

(B) The Characters
WOW. Srsly. Shoot me. The hero, Jason, was a man who was supposed to have been born in 1926... which would have meant he lived through the Depression, WWII, etc. before dying in Vietnam, but when he speaks to the heroine, he sounds like a teenager from the 1990s. The heroine, Sam(antha) is RIDICULOUS. Does the author really think women are like that? I was a bit offended by the insinuation! WOW, was it COMPLETELY OBVIOUS that this book was written by a man!!! She was a freaking nut-job! And then there was Bruce (the guy Sam is dating/engaged to during the ENTIRE BOOK), who is a COMPLETE DOUCHE. I hated him from the first second I laid eyes on him. Sam is supposed to be this serial dater who can't ever seem to settle down with a guy because she feels like she has a soul mate out there, and BRUCE is who she ends up dating long-term? SERIOUSLY? No, really... are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?? And then I find out that the sequel is about him? KILL ME NOW. No thank you.

(C) The Moral?
If you fall in love with a dead guy, kill yourself to be with him. Really? A Mormon wrote this? WOW. Just wow. And people complain about Twilight? Bella wasn't NEARLY as INSIPID as Sam! She KNEW she wasn't in love with her fiance, which means she should BREAK IT OFF IMMEDIATELY. Even if things didn't work out with Jason, you STILL don't want to be hitched to the douche, you dumb-butt! But instead, she's LITERALLY walking out the door to marry the idiot, realizes she loves the other guy, and kills herself to be with him (or allows herself to die... same diff in my book, as it was part of the "contract" she, herself, edited and signed)?

(D) The Doctrine????
Other than the fact that Sam doesn't drink and all she and the douche do is kiss, there was ZERO indication that this book was LDS at all. The entire idea behind the story isn't supported by doctrine at all, as far as I'm concerned. Which is fine... but I'm kinda surprised an LDS publisher would go for it. It's iffy at best. Like Saturday's Warrior.

Anyway, I was VERY disappointed, as you can tell. It was just inane.
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Lisa Wow, tell us how you really feel! Haha. It sounds like you didn't like this book. I'll make sure NOT to read it. Thanks! :)

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