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The Kid by Sapphire
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Dec 18, 2011

it was ok
Read in December, 2011

The Kid was a book that of course, was highly advertised as an "epic follow up to Push", (the acclaimed story of "Precious" and her struggles).
I received this book as a birthday gift and eagerly tore into the pages expecting a harrowing tale of a boy left orphaned by the death of his HIV+ mother and a journey of growth and struggle escaping the ghetto life he was destined for.

Instead, this book disappointed me, disgusted me and even made me shut the pages and put the book down several times. There is nothing wrong with adding a little descriptive sexual horror or straining violence to accentuate a point but to pepper every page with poor grammar and intrusive sexual pedophilia for pure shock value crosses the line.

Sapphire tries to open the readers eyes to a boy thrown into foster care without love or reason and wants us to attach or feel for this character. Truth be told, not once do you have the opportunity to connect with this character. He is short spoken and the threads that hold reality and fiction together strain the story line. In many cases, you are actually rooting against the main character, Abdul JJ, as he rapes, molests and violates young boys throughout the story.

As an honest closing statement, read the book if you are interested in just knowing what the book is all about. Do not expect to connect with the characters or long for them well after you close the pages. In fact, it is relieving to close the back cover and know that it is all over. The book could have really brought to light some intense troubles that do exist in foster homes and Catholic boarding homes, but instead Sapphire withheld this critical emotional connection from the readers. I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with this book other than sell it on Amazon, I cannot imagine even lending this book to any friend or family member. It's that disturbing.
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