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A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker
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Dec 18, 2011

it was amazing

Book Title: Match Made In High School

Author: Kristin Walker

Published By: Razorbill

Genre: Young Adult

Recommended Age: 13+

Reviewed By: Emily Tuley / AngelsCryHavoc

Blog Reviewed For: Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community

Rating: 5 Ravens

At times I venture outside of our numerous publishing companies and find myself seeking to read something that I have yet to see float past my eyes. Upon my searching for something a little different of my norm which is a lot of paranormal, Paranormal romance and various other genres I stumbled upon this book and was pleased to see it was perhaps just what I was looking for. Being this book I knew from the start I was in for something that was going to be hilarious but a little frustrating as well.

The story is of Fiona Sheenan a senior in her high school. Upon their first day back she and her best friend Marcie join the rest of the seniors and students in the auditorium of their school for the surprise of their lives. They are told that the seniors will participate in a Marital Course that will pair them up with students of the senior class and they must complete this course in order to graduate from high school . Not only will the course teach them about marriage but they learn about budgets , jobs, homes and bills at the end of the year the school those that complete the course by doing everything they are told to do will graduate those that don’t will not. Not only does this outrage the students but Fiona especially teamed up with the Jock she has stereotyped and loathes as well as watching her crush teamed up with the Jocks girlfriend she and her classmates ensue on a crazy and comical few months of school and this course. While their parents are outraged and picketing the school Fiona learns that she’s not the best friend, person, or peer she thinks she might be that she’s actually very judging and close minded as well.

With all the up crazy moments and fun story that unfolds I was pleased with this story however I also found that at times I got a little frustrated with Fiona too. There are moments even you want to strangle her for her selfish moments in the end it’s what I consider a great book for the young adult readers to know how to treat others as well as themselves in life and try to take that moment to realize that you can not always judge a book by it’s cover and that true friends and friendship mean more in the world than just what is in it for you.
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