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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
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Jul 13, 15

it was amazing
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Read from December 18, 2011 to January 02, 2012

I love this.

When it comes to mysteries and whodunits, I'm not very easy to surprise. The culprit is usually stupidly obvious, all the clues have something in common, and meanwhile the detectives are just standing around like idiots going, "Hmm... Who's the killer? The weird looking guy with the bitter glare? Or the flamboyant grinning woman?"

"I know, it's the creepy dude!"

No, you imbeciles, I always feel like saying to them. It's the lady. Duh.

But somehow, this book had me jaw-dropping and "No freaking way!"ing with the twists it presented. I admit, some of it I figured out on my own before it was revealed, but with most of the story, it took me by surprise. Also, I ended up being dead wrong about more than half of the suspicions I had in the beginning-middle of the story. But instead of feeling like a blind moron, I was thinking more along the lines of, This is one clever author...

Also, I'm a total sucker for stories that have to do with psychology. I just love insane characters---They are so much more fun than boring normal people. And also because, when the story is being told from said insane person's point of view, you understand how their way of thinking makes sense or works. If anyone witnessed Mara Dyer's entire story from the outside, they would surly believe that she was totally crazy and not in her right mind---which I guess is sort of true. But when you are faced with the same story in a first person perspective, it changes. Suddenly, you think what is going in the character's head is completely reasonable, until later on when you've put the book down and you're thinking to yourself, Maybe running through traffic and laughing maniacally wasn't exactly sane.... Maybe that girl really is off her rocker.... The author found a way to make the heroin's behavior seem realistic and believable, so you don't really grasp the concept that Mara is mad until later.

And I'm sitting here typing this, like, Holy shit, when did I become so observant?

But anyway, there was a lot of pyschological type things in here that I didn't pick up until later. Such as, I didn't think it weird that Mara decided to get the earrings in the bathtub herself instead of just closing the drain. Then I saw the simpler solution a few chapters later, when she did another inconspicuously questionable thing. And then by the last few chapters, It finally hit me: Oh. She really is insane.

But the author just portrays it so well!

There's also a lot of character development that came so gradually that I didn't see it coming. Mara went from irritable confused sarcastic teenager, to terrified lethal psychopath. Noah went from disheveled cocky selfish bastard, to disheveled cocky loyal/caring bastard. It was just so subtle and then BANG! They were totally different people than from the beginning of the book.

The plot development was impressive, as well. We're given a number of subplots splayed before us like a deck of cards. One could be clubs, another hearts, the other diamonds---totally different, but yet all apart of the same deck. And we don't realize this until the last page, when all the cards are flipped over one by one to reveal the same back pattern---they were related after all!

I was surprised, all right. Probably because my lack of expectation for this book. I've read so many hateful reviews for it, and usually, the hateful reviews are correct. So I didn't expect much. But here I am, typing 90 miles per hour all wide eyed and chiz.

However, there were flaws and disagreements I had with Miss Dyer. For example, her devotion to the biggest douchebag in school. The fact that said douchebag does not know how to dress correctly or shave but yet is still labeled "hot" by everyone. Said douchebag's inaccurate assumption that all American's listen to shitty music.

But I'm willing to forgive that last one, because it's noted in the beginning of the book that Mara loves Death Cab for Cutie. So obviously the author is aware of the fact that there are good American bands.

Anyway, I have no clue what I'm planning to accomplish with this. Probably most of the people who are reading it have already read the book, so that's pointless. But whatever. I'm writing this shit anyway.

Happy New Year's!
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23.0% "Is Noah supposed to be sexy? Because all I can picture is a more disheveled version of this: " 13 comments
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27.0% "Why do heroins always lose their minds whenever a guy corners them? What the hell! Your determination is shit! Five seconds ago you wanted to strangle him, and now you can barely resist making out? FICTIONAL WOMEN MAKE NO SENSE."
12/26/2011 page 142
31.0% "I really hate Mara's mother. If my mom ever treated me like that, like I was some dangerous lunatic that needed to be locked up in an asylum, World War III would break loose."
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31.0% "I don't care how many puppies he saves! I do not like the douchebag! Stop overrating everything he does!"
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43.0% ""Not possible. You're American," he said. "And if [you are more musically well-rounded than me], it's only because you like crap." I absolutely loathe him. Going off that stupid stereotype? Sure, there's Justin Beaver and etc, but there's also tons of talented artists. You know who else came from America? MCR! SO HA! " 17 comments
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44.0% "Dammit, Noah! Stop saying things I actually agree with! Somehow, it makes me hate you more."
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49.0% "I don't get it. How can someone with that terrible of a past be so arrogant? Don't you think he would have gained at least a little maturity after that incident?"
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100.0% "HOLY SHIT. Must review right away. This book just surprised the hell out of me."

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