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Immortalis Carpe Noctem by Katie Salidas
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Dec 18, 2011

it was amazing

I am going to review this as a series instead of three separate books. Sometimes a vampire book can seem the same after reading so many, and lately I have had the pleasure of reading some wonderful vampire stories that have put an original twist to them. As with this series I am happy to say this series has that something different that I am always looking for in a great book.

Alyssa did not want to turn vampire, but, Lysander, a loner vamp turns Alyssa into a vampire in order to say her life, she was being attacked by a couple of guys who were trying to rape and kill her. Lysander turned Alyssa instead of letting her die. The first book in the series is mainly focused on Alyssa and her coming to terms with this life altering change to from human to vampire, she has an extremely hard time dealing with this and also with the fact they must drink straight from humans in order to stay alive, no animals or bag blood. Now she's whiny about the whole situation, but, you would be too if you were turned into a vampire against your will, and if you want an action packed book, this is the one to read. So book #1 off to a great start and on to book #2.

At the start of book 2 Alyssa is still having somewhat of a hard time with her change, but I think what impressed me most of all with this author, who by the way is a new author for me, is her writing style, at the start of book 2 Katie Salidas is able to recap book 1 so that you understand book 2 without confusing you totally, and with saying that if you hadn't started with the first book you can easily start reading the second book and understand it with no problems which I might add is a hard thing to do, bravo Ms. Salidas, I really like that in an author that impresses me a lot.

After having recurring nightmares about Santino, a evil vampire hunter. Lysander is adamant that he is not alive and hunting them, Alyssa knows he is, so when she comes face to face with him, Alyssa runs back to the only place that made her feel safe.....her old hang out when she was a mortal and runs into her best friend she had to leave behind when she was turned.....Fallon. So I really don't want to give away everything, we all know I hate spoilers but I will tell you a few things to keep you in suspense lol, Fallon gets kidnapped to try and have Alyssa fall right into Santino's trap he's set for her, and soon enough Alyssa figures out that worse things lay ahead, worse than Santino. I love this line from the book, "The enemy of your enemy is your friend.....Right?" Santino What a perfect line. Again another action packed book of this series, starts out great, love all the characters and I loved that Lysander and Alyssa's relationship has vamp up (no pun intended) lol you can just feel his love for her, and I love the addition of Fallon and Nicholas characters, no spoilers you gotta read it to . So book 2 awesome and now on the book #3.

The third book in this series was nothing short of amazing, such originality, more than the first and second , she has introduced more new characters, werewolves....Aiden to be specific *sigh* that's one hot werewolf. All three books are packed with action, wonderful characters, a fantastic plot and story line, and takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride which leaves you wanting more. If you haven't read any of these books yet I suggest you go right now and grab your copies of this awesome series. You will not be disappointed you did, and hang on to your seat for a great ride. I hope you all enjoy this series as much as I did!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

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