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Bitch Reloaded by Deja King
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Jun 18, 2008

really liked it
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Precious on a roll again trouble keeps finding her. After she gets out the hospital the love of her life is taken away from here. She wants revenge and go out trying to get help to find Nico to revenge Supreme's death and that lead her into more trouble with blood being left behind.

Mike want to be in Precious life and try to get her under his leash saying how he want to make love to her mind, body and soul. Precious fall for it and feel she can have something more with him. Mike helps her out of trouble and uses that against her.

Precious old friend Jamal pops up in the picture and they become good friends jamal want Precious to do eye spy on his girl Nina because he thinks she cheating. Precious not into having girlfriends and really didn't like Nina but, then she started to see she cool. One thing lead to another Nina had her own reasons for wanting to be friends with Precious.

Maya Mikes sister ends up becoming good friends with Precious and also Prcious and Maya hold a deep secret that only they know plus Nico.

When Precious find out that Nico didn't have anything to do with Supreme's murder she went into action working on a plan that did come though but, it came though to the point at the end everything lined in place for Precious.

Book was good now on to part 3 :)

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Lesa Divine) My comments between chapters:

"I started this a long time ago but, put it down until I got part 5 so now I can start the whole series now."

"Precious lost the baby Supreme was killed and she had the funeral. Precious out out a reward to get people talking about Nico's whereabout. Smokey found someone that said he knew something but, when they got there Precious knew he didn't know anything and it was a set up so Precious had to shoot her way out leaving Smokey to get hurt and killed."

"Precious and Smokey went to go see some boy that had information on where Nico was when getting there Precious knew something was up and that lead to some shooting and Precious killing some people and Smokey getting crossed in the cross fire. Mike come to talk to Precious about what he know about Nico and that murder and wanted to see if she did it. Jamal and P had talked about Supreme money and music."

"Precious ran into the boys that she killed cousin Antwon and it lead to her having to kill him to get away. She asked Mike for help to get rid of his body he helped her. (what I dont get is I thought Antwon was killed in Stackin Papers by the police) well was a bit confused there oh well but, Jamal and his girlfriend had dinner with P and now his girl friend Nina want to be friends with P, P dont want friends"

"P like Mike and he likes her he saying he want her to be his wife. P not ready for that right now. Someone called P on the phone saying she knowns where Nico is but, she will call P back. Jamal asked P to keep a eye on his girl Nina he think she cheating on him. P and Nina been kicking. P went out with basketball player Jalen and slept with him then 2 men came in the hotel and beat him. Mike sister Maya is P crib"

P meet up with the girl that said, she knew where Nico was. So she went to get information from her and found out there was another person involved that knew more infor. Maya was there to help her all the way to the end. P showed up to talk to Nico he said, he didn't kille Supreme. P finds out that Nina was behind the whole set up so she could kill P cause she loved Nico and wanted him but, he choice P always""

"P got information from Maya about Mike trying to sign Supreme on his label but, Supreme turned it down this happen before Supreme was killed. P started putting together that Mike had something to do with Supremes death so she threw a contract in his face to get him to fall and Mike told everything from him and Nina working together and how he want Supreme music on his label. mike in jail S still alive P had a baby"

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