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Zodiac by Neal Stephenson
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Dec 17, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: fiction
Read in May, 2000

Two parts The Monkey Wrench Gang, one part White Noise; a paranoid tale of modern nonviolent eco-terrorism. S.T., a Boston operative at GEE, an environmental group, discovers that a corporation called Basco is dumping PCBs in the harbor. Soon he's pursued by PCP-snorting Satanic cult members, Basco's hired goons, and maybe the FBI or the Mafia.

This starts off as a fun book, but it gets far too bogged down in a mass of plot and barely fleshed out characters. The hero, fleeing for his life, twice decides to take some acid and mushrooms: not too wise. A false climax involving a potential presidential assassination renders the true climax a bit wearisome. A man described as a tower of scientific erudition mixes up the terms symbiotic and parasitic. This kind of sloppy detail, too many characters, and dropped subplots (a DA hires S.T. to break into a plant to gather evidence for an interstate suit: nothing whatever comes of it) all make this novel of exciting promise a disappointment.

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