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Mar 08, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: best-of-heroes, mystery, first-love-with-the-genre, suspense
Recommended for: Nora Robert fans, suspense readers
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Roarke's love rules #1. She worth every seconds, he doesn't waste time.

The romance
I thought the romance of this story was slightly overwhelmed by the mystery. A lot of time spent in investigations because there's more than one murder happens throughout the story. However, the difference portion between the suspense and the romance wasn't significant and the fast-paced romance wasn't disappointing. It started with instant attraction that was strong enough, it had the sparks to live it up, and conflicts in the main characters to make it real. Everything worked great with me except the last part. I did have a small problem with the conflicts.

Roarke's love rules #2. He doesn't doubt his feelings. He says what he feels.

The way the romance went so fast didn’t fit well with Eve’s character. I adored her strength, self-control, and strong mind. She was tough. We always find tortured H/h with traumatic childhood in romances. They have relationship issues, they fall in love and work it out. What happened to Eve was the most severe case of child abuse and neglect. She was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused. And then she was neglected. It was the reason why she’s unable to recall details of the trauma, unwilling to talk about it, experiencing bad dreams, and never let herself get emotionally involved in a relationship. For a person who’s been having some symptoms of post-traumatic disorder for years, Eve 'gets involved' too quickly with her hero. I would have liked it better if she had spent more time and talked more with him before she spent the night together. I know he was irresistible, and I know Eve tried to set some boundaries in their relationship. But she was already falling for him emotionally.

Roarke's love rules #3. His way to understand her is simply by paying attention.

Despite my little problem with Eve, I still loved the romance. Before I read this book I've been overwhelmed with:


The name always triggers these reactions from the ladies..

What's so special about this Irish billionaire with impeccable reputation? Why does he put most men to shame?

6 feet, 2 inches, 173 pounds, with strong forehead and broad shoulders. Thick black hair and blue eyes. He makes his own fortune, moves with power, acts with confidence, knows what he wants, gets what he wants, protects what's his.

(view spoiler)

Roarke's love rules #4. His key to her heart is thoughtful and unexpected gifts.

Yeah, Roarke's fans are everywhere. I've been reading NR's book for quite a long time, though I haven't read her new books. Roarke is one example if NR creates a hero in her best way. I wasn't surprised to find a hero like Roarke because he's not the only one. It was the reason this book had been waiting on my tbr for some time despite the mighty Roarke kept roaring on goodreads. NR created some of my heroes-to-die-for. He has the confidence and determination of Blake, the tycoon in Summer Desserts; the sweetness and patience of Alan (especially about sweet gifts), the US senator in All The Possibilities; and the possessiveness and aggressiveness of Justin, the millionaire gambler in Playing The Odds. The difference is Roarke is a romantic suspense hero, which means his appearance in the book is not as often as the other three heroes in each of theirs. If you are served with lots of sweetness without a break, you can easily become overwhelmed. So I think Roarke has the advantage because he has some mystery to balance the sweetness. I was glad when I found Roarke was not perfect anyway. He has flaws. He did a mistake in the story. That's why I'm officially his fans.

Roarke's love rules #5. When he makes mistakes, he admits it, doesn't hesitate to apologize, and fix it.

The mystery
Mystery isn't my favorite genre in books because I prefer it in visual. It's been my favorite since I was a kid. I enjoy the scariest scenes, smartest villains, and hardest puzzles. The mystery here was good, but not good enough. It had the tension. I was hooked, I enjoyed playing along to solve the murders. The villain was quite competent but I was very, very disappointed with how the villain was revealed. Way too easy. The process of solving was good, but the answer came too easy. (view spoiler) In mystery, it was a big NO for me. And this was my strongest reason why it didn't reach my 4.5 - 5 stars.

Roarke's love rules #6. When he gets hurt, he'll be angry, be disappointed, and just let it go.

Overall, I was satisfied with the romance (thanks to Roarke), but I wasn't satisfied with the suspense. I would recommend it to anyone who's willing to try. However, if you want to read this but you have never read NR books before, I like to share my opinion about NR writing. She has a soft way with words. She tends to use comparisons/metaphors when she writes love scenes. I never have a problem with it myself. But for reader who's used to read straight romance, if you think Julia Quinn's writing is soft enough, I can say that NR has more gentle way with words than JQ.

Now, I'm looking forward for more and hopefully much better mysteries and -of course- romance in the next books. This series do have very promising couple and characters. Needless to say, you can't have enough of it with one book. Roarke has one side effect to the ladies which is ADDICTION. Thanks to the author, she had predicted it. So there are over 30 books of Roarke out there. And one of my GR friends said (Yeah Susan, forgive me but I'm gonna quote you :p),
He keeps getting better!

Roarke's love rules #7. He never give up on her.

PS: Thanks Lisa Kay! Hadn't it been for the group challenge, I wouldn't have read it by now.
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Kristen You know, a love letter would be an awesome review. This book sounds good.

Erika I'm afraid I'll embarrass my self ^^
It was good Kristen, a great book to start with romantic suspense.

Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter Wow, fun review, Erika! About the talking: throughout this series there will be a lot of talking between these two. I'm not really a fan of mystery but I absolutely loved this series! I think I have read about 30 books to-date. You're in for a treat! Enjoy!
And Roarke...wowwwwww, swoon-worthy! LOL

Lisa Kay Great review, Erika, and great videos! LMAO! Too, too funny. Glad the challenge got you interested in Roarke. it!

message 5: by Erika (last edited Mar 08, 2012 10:45PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Erika Thanks Baba, I'm actually glad I read it now when there are already over 30 books waiting for me, lol.. good to know you liked all the books, I know I'll have a lot fun!

Thank you Lisa! from all the chats about Roarke I witnessed, I was remembering the chats in the challenge thread when I picked those gifts. So you ladies there inspired me, coz you all got CRAZY, HUNGRY, SWOON, and FIGHTING when you were talking about him! LOL...

message 6: by Fani (new) - added it

Fani Ok, great review Erika! I'll definitely try this one soon.

Erika Thanks Fani..

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