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Reign Fall by Michelle Rowen
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Dec 16, 2011

it was amazing
Read from December 20 to 21, 2011

Rating: ★★★★☆ I loved it!

Secrets. I was beyond happy when I found out Michelle was going to finish her Demon Princess series and even happier when she asked for reviewers. This has been a favourite YA series of mine since I read the first two books mid last year and I have to say I loved this as much as the others. I liked the way Michelle had mini recaps of the previous books sprinkled through the first couple chapters to bring me up to speed without being annoying about it. A lot of secrets are revealed and those that were previously kept in the dark are now finding out the truth. One of my most waited developments happens near the end but we won't know the consequences of it until book 4.

Rhys. In Reign Check, I wasn't entirely sure who I loved more out of Michael and Rhys until near the end where I leaned towards Rhys. Reign Fall has now got me completely in love with him. Rhys is totally swoon-worthy. He's confident and true to himself but still cares about Nikki and tries to do what he believes is right. Michael was a bit of an ass and rather selfish when it came to Nikki. He's meant to care about her and yet, he doesn't trust her enough to ask for help until it's too late? That's not how a boyfriend should act. It seems it goes both ways though because as much as Nikki tries to deny it, Rhys is getting under her skin (and I hope he stays there).

Stands Tall. Reign Fall has survived the dreaded "filler" cliché of being an in-between book and stands tall on it's own merits. As we discover that the secrets of the shadows may lead to the prophecy about Nikki coming to pass, the final book Reign Storm is going to go off with a bang. Personally, I can't wait to attend the party!

First Lines:

It’s not easy being best friends with a demon slayer.
Not when you have a secret like mine.
In the hall by our lockers, Melinda looked…upset. Seeing her so unhappy made me unhappy. The first day back to school after the winter break was turning out to be worrisome and first class hadn’t even started yet.

Favourite Quote:

Our teacher, Mr. Crane, gave me a questioning look as I slunk in through the door five minutes late, interrupting him in the middle of whatever he’d been saying.
“Nice of you to join us, Ms. Donovan.”
“Happy to be here,” I replied easily, earning a couple laughs from the back row. I wasn’t normally a smartass, but it still came easily to me. (Chapter 2)

Demon Princess Series

Reign or Shine
Reign Check
Reign Fall
Reign Storm
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