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Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols
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May 25, 2012

it was ok
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Read from May 16 to 22, 2012

2.5 stars

Actual, full review: Original is here. (Note: due to copy-and-paste, formatting and links have been lost.)

A promising beginning crumbled by a hypocritical yet beautiful ending, Such a Rush is a convoluted novel that's both intense and grilling.

I had hoped to love this book--my friends loved it, and it looked simply amazing. But while the setting shimmered with richness and the characters flared with authenticity, this book ultimately did not claim me a fan. I am probably more disappointed by that fact than imaginable. There are several elements that contributed to my unfortunate distaste:

1) The Writing: Jennifer Echols's writing is smooth and fleshed, but the text was quite redundant. This may very well be only the ARC's issue and will not occur in the final book, but the repetitions emerged so numerously that I realized it was devaluing my experience of the book. I no longer have the ARC with me, but for example: Leah would say something was annoying, then in the next paragraph she would say the same thing, phrased only slightly differently. Then a chapter later she would mention it again, or another character would say the same thing she said. While repetition can be used as a powerful literary tool, I felt like the redundancy dragged the plot in this case and snapped me out of the story. The most prominent example I can think of is the phrase such a rush used at least twenty times, but since the title is Such a Rush, I suppose I should exclude that one. Even then, though, my thoughts still stand.

2) Leah: This is a slightly personal opinion that might not affect anyone else, but I am not a fan of girls like Leah. Let me explain something really quick: she has had a hard, hard life; neglected and used and abused. I understand that, and it makes me incredibly solemn and sympathetic. But she claims to be strong; to be different than the other girls who grow up to be "sluts," who are flaunters and exhibitionists and nothing more than that. Leah believed she was something else.

But while she appeared to be someone stronger, different, ultimately she was not.

She said she hated her mother for the oblivious decisions she made; but then Leah makes those choices herself. And sometimes she realizes that she's acting just like her mother and would be ashamed, but oftentimes she would not. She says she is not one to be a druggy like others; but you do not need drugs to sink into a "slut." I'm using her own word here, because I believe the word "slut" is extremely subjective, but Leah is bold--too bold, too hot-headed, at least in my opinion. EVERYONE tells her how beautiful and sexy she is, and she's just like, what? I'm beautiful? Since when? But then she goes and wears obscenely short shorts and disturbingly flaunting shirts; what do you actually realize, Leah? It was her act of hatred towards things and then doing them--confused and disbelieving truths and then suddenly acknowledging them as if she knew them all along--that made me eventually disappointed with her.

There are things I must applaud Jennifer for, of course. A female pilot? How cool! It's obvious she did her homework on planes and mechanics. The brothers' tension? Talk about realistic. Romance? Steamy as heck. But in the end, despite these uniquely well-portrayed aspects, Such a Rush's aggravating protagonist and a repetitive habit resulted in a sadly unfavorable response from me.

Yet, there is not much ground I hold with my sole opinion; others have loved this book, and I urge you to give its fresh and eccentric atmosphere a try.
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Princess Bookie what do you think so far???

Julianna Helms Princess Bookie wrote: "what do you think so far???"

It's just fantastic so far, but I'm not very far in. I biked for 9 hours yesterday for a charity event and got 2 hours of sleep, but I shall get back on it as soon as my head stops buzzing! :)

Taschima I thought you were liking it! What happened?

Julianna Helms Ta§chima wrote: "I thought you were liking it! What happened?"

I WAS liking it! T.T I don't really know. The thing is I've never hung around or got to know people like Leah, and while I feel terrible for her situation, she just felt a bit too...hot-headed? I guess what I'm trying to say is that she says she hates how her mother acts and such, but then she goes and does exactly what her mother does--sometimes she realizes that and other times she doesn't. I mean, don't get me wrong, I definitely see where she's coming from and all that. I guess I just didn't respect the way she handled things. :-S

Taschima I get it, and I agree I saw sometimes that she did act like her mother (but having her as a sole parent and sole role model that is to be expected). I mean I don't know, I guess I sympathized more with her and her situation for some reason. I knew it wasn't going to be for everybody though :) Maybe the next book will be better! What will you be reading next?

Julianna Helms Ta§chima wrote: "I get it, and I agree I saw sometimes that she did act like her mother (but having her as a sole parent and sole role model that is to be expected). I mean I don't know, I guess I sympathized more ..."

Yup! :D I will be reading THE HUNT by Andrew Fukuda and BLACK HEART by Holly Black. probably. :)

Taschima I want to read The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda! Right now I'm reading Insurgent, after I might read Throne of Glass or The Unquiet.

Julianna Helms Ta§chima wrote: "I want to read The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda! Right now I'm reading Insurgent, after I might read Throne of Glass or The Unquiet."

Oh, I'm dying for THRONE OF GLASS, haha! And that reminds me.... I was going to read SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY before BLACK HEART... ah, so many books!

Taschima I want that one! O.o lucky lucky

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