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Geek Girls Unite by Leslie Simon
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Dec 16, 2011

it was ok
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Read on December 16, 2011

I was drawn to Geek Girls Unite because I would classify myself as a ‘geek girl’ for all intensive purposes. I wasn’t sure how many stars I would give this…part of me loved the book, another part of me was extremely bored while reading it. The book is broken up into chapters in classification of ‘geek-dom’ (fangirl, literary, film, music, funny girl, domestic and miscellaneous) and each of those sections follows the same format of a ‘quiz’, character sketch, short blurbs on famous geeks of that ‘genre’, ‘frenemies’ and concludes with ‘the perfect match for’ section

I cannot say that I read this book in its entirety-the only sections I really read completely (minus the quizzes, which I skipped on all and found them tasteless) were ‘fangirl’ and ‘literary’…along with the introduction and conclusion.

-interesting subject matter—the subtitle: ‘how fangirls, bookworms, indie chicks, and other misfits are taking over the world’ really is a concept more and more of both the male and female gender are taking note of…

-the listings of websites, books, blogs, playlists etc. for each genre…I definitely made notes on each of these of things I want to look at when I have spare time.

-the quotes from Simon’s ‘first class’ of girl geeks (united); some of them I actually found myself laughing aloud and nodding my head in appreciation with…I pretty much read through the quotes section for ‘funny girl’, ‘music’ and ‘domestic’ and got an understanding of the section without needing to read the actual text.

-Simon’s footnotes-hilarious, short blurbs of her interjecting points/opinions from her own personal life and stories


-formatting is horrible…too much information, big blocky pages of text that was too small of a font, even with bolding and the ‘quiz’ formats…just didn’t cut it.

-the illustrations did nothing for me…even over-sized and thus broke up the monotony of the heavy text of the pages at times, they were basic and childish and just didn’t cut it for me. Weren’t needed at all in my opinion.

-Hated the quizzes…thought they were stupid and although I’m sure some readers would find them funny, I don’t think they’re necessary.

Overall I guess I would classify myself as a fangirl-literary-slightly film geek?? (Goodreads is listed as one of the websites us ‘literary’ geeks use) Heck, maybe even part miscellaneous? If you are completely new to the concept of women enjoying ‘geek culture’ this book is a good introduction to all things comic/anime/film/literature/music in the woman’s POV and the female’s contribution to these areas. Would I recommend this to a friend? Maybe a few…those of whom I also consider my fellow ‘geek’ compadres. But overall, I do agree with Simon, it is time that we branch out of our own geek-genre and be open to all forms of geek-ness and learn to appreciate them-male or female.

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