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Tilt by Alan Cumyn
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Dec 15, 2011

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Read in January, 2012

Really 3.5 stars. Stan was an incredibly likable average teenage boy. Popular enough, talented enough, smart enough. My favorite scene took place when a teacher called him out for talking during class. Teacher asked him to explain himself and Stan used the opportunity to apologize to a girl he liked, for his fumbled attempts at talking to her on the phone. "Stand up." Mr. Stillwater's eyes never left Stan. Maybe this wasn't going to pass after all. Stan rose uneasily. "What does everyone know?" Stillwater pressed. "That I'm an idiot," Stan said. janine laughed. She was the only one. "Are you?" A little less heft in Stillwater's voice. The moment seemed suddenly to open to comic possibilities. "I'm talking with my idiot friend when I should be listening," Stan said. "That makes me an idiot, too. I'm sorry Mr. Stillwater. And sometimes I drop the phone when someone wonderful is on the other end," Stan continued. There's more but you get the gist. It was a great moment and it made me love Stan. It did not make the teacher love Stan and he gets his revenge another day.

I liked that everything didn't fall into place for Stan. More like real life. Is stan a good basketball player ? Sure. Should he have a spot on the JV team ? Probably. Does he deserve a spot on the varsity team ? maybe. But in real life, things don't always happen that way and Stan knows that.

Stan's family is complicated and maybe a little crazy. His mother is kind of pathetic and leans on Stan to hold the family together. His younger sister Lily is flaky. She tested off-the-charts at school for her "imaginative actualization" which just means she pretty much lives in a fantasy world. I didn't know they tested for that (or valued it).But the worst character has to be Stan's father. He left Stan's mother 5 yeras ago after he got another woman pregnant and has had no contact with his old family since. Ron, the father, does resurface and Stan has a chance to work out his feelings for his absent dad. I thought this was particularly well-done. Stan remembers a big, athletic guy and this older shrunken man he meets is someone completely different.

There is more (the love story) but I don't want to summarize the whole book. Definitely worth a read. It didn't knock my socks off but it was comfortable and believable. (view spoiler)
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