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Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien
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Mar 23, 12

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I wanted to like this book, I really did. The premise seemed really interesting, but the book just fell flat. Gaia was just boring and the rest of the characters were flat and underdeveloped. I honestly didn't understand why everyone was risking their life to help her because she wasn't inspiring and her cause for the most part helped only her, no one else (saving her parents). I also didn't understand the need to separate the people from the Enclave and those outside the wall, since the Enclave readily accepted babies from outside the wall and the Enclave wanted to diversify their genetics. None of the choices made by the Enclave or any of the characters made any sense at all - it was like everyone walked around with blinders on. I didn't even understand the need for the secret notes on the babies' births since the Enclave had the technology for genetic testing. Why would the Enclave care if people kept notes on who the babies' parents were if none of those children wanted to leave the Enclave anyway? Also, the people inside the Enclave wanted to have children together knowing they are related and they have a high chance of having a baby that will die at a young age? Why? I couldn't even believe the actions of people who weren't even main characters, that's how weak this book was.
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Jennifer thats exactly how i feel. im in the middle of the book and really dont want to continue but im going to try

Lana Meredith Yes!!! All the characters seemed flat. But The antagonists seemed impotent. The 'climactic' scene between Gaia and the Protectorat was not climactic at all.

Lana Meredith I meant 'the antagonists seemed particularly impotent.' oops. Accidentally pressed the 'done' button too soon ;)

April Mazeikis I would write a review for this book but my review would say exactly what yours does. I am a huge fan of this genre, but I couldn't even finish this one. I just didn't get it.

Rachna Wow. I totally disagree with you. On the contrary, the only character who would maybe be considered flat is Leon, only because he takes so long for his character to really shine. Other than that, I'd give this book ten stars if I could!

Sourpus I agree with your review completely. I'm 3/4 of the way thru the book. It is flat and emotionless.

English I completely agree. And I find the main character so naive it's painful to read. I kept waiting for it to get better, but it never did. And I honestly don't understand the Enclave at all. All the things that happened just weren't making sense to me. Not because it was confusing, but just because it was plain stupid.

Emily Peacock i would also like to throw in that Gaia (dumbest name I have ever heard, right next to "renesmee", of course) is a total idiot. It blows my mind how many times she requires the other characters to explain things to her. Like when Iris demonstrates how easy it would be to have her friends killed, and she just sat there like "why would you shoot that bird and scare my friend?". oh my gosh. Seriously. I can't get over how stupid she is.

Alyson So glad I'm not the only one! I simply just didn't GET IT. I didn't understand the premise of the plot and was completely confused as to the relevancy of the storylines. Such a struggle!

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