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If the Buddha Dated by Charlotte Kasl
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Dec 15, 2011

did not like it

I really tried. Seriously, I tried. But this book is simply horrible. I could only read a third of it. She hardly mentions Buddhism at all let alone its teachings. It was mainly this tarot-card-crystal-reading bullshit without any substance at all. She mainly says, "Pay attention to your inner feelings." "Be true to yourself." Thanks, I'll just save the money and go elsewhere.

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John I'm facinated that you got such a different reading. I don't think the book mentioned tarot reading at all. It did describe sufism, and buddhism in beggining of the few chapters. Some of the exercises where you describe yourself are pretty useful. I think she has a really balanced understanding of 'astrology' or mysticism. Whatever you want to call those practices. I come from a family that values science. I think listening to your intuition is really important. I think she doesn't describe 'listening to your inner feelings' she says. feel what your body is saying, notice where the pain is, and stay with it. Thats a very different manner of phrasing. Its going from abstract (your reading) to practical. I can't help but feel like you really needed something but this book just wasn't for you. I'd highly recommend "buddhism without beliefs" by stephen bachelor. Its a very comprehensive introduction to buddhism and yet goes past the dogma and gets to the core of it why its relevant. I wouldn't say if the buddha dated is well written, as far as books go. It was a bit random, and didn't have a clear structure. But it did feel personal and I appreciated hearing about her stories, as well as other people and couples she had worked with.

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