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Magic Unchained by Jessica Andersen
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May 25, 12

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Read in April, 2012

Jessica Andersen ROCKS the Mayan prophecy!! She has created a fantastic story based on the 2012 Mayan Calendar.. Magic Unchained is the seventh book in her Final Prophecy Series and Since this is what I like to call a climactic series, Doc Jess has her work cut out for her.. in each book she must raise the pressure on the overall story arc. She must increase the tension and take us closer and closer to the edge making us believe both that the world is doomed and that hope is there. What can I say, Doc Jess does not disappoint!

One of the things about this series, is the depth of feelings and the intensity in which it was written. When I first picked up Nightkeepers, I liked the concept. I was intrigued, then I opened the book. It was a slow start.. I would read a bit then think about it, then read some more.. gradually it sucked me in. When I finished the book, I opened my eyes and felt like I had been in a different world, it was an almost drugged feeling and every book Doc Jess has written in this series has that same pull.. Magic Unchained not the least of them.

I had a hard time writing this review not because I didn’t love the book but rather because it is so very much more than boy meets girl romance.. While the story between Cara and Sven is wonderful and I will address that there was just so much going on. Anna receives a vision, being that she was never completely trained she has to work hard on just deciphering it. She finally realizes that the team must bring back the father.. Throughout the book the Nightkeepers goal is to resurrect the First Father.. This is the main task of this book of course no way would Doc Jess allow for just one story line..

The Winikin are determined to fight on their own, fight for themselves not as indentured servants to the Nightkeepers but as relevant individuals in the fight. To this end, battle games are played and Cara has to learn how to make life and death decisions. To understand when to accept a death and when to fight for life. She is not just fighting to get the Winikin their rights but she is also fighting the “traditionalists” who insist that the old ways are the only ways. Her biggest opponent is her own father, whom I happen to think is a complete and total sleazebag to her. Total and complete lack of support and yet he all but dotes on Sven... his NightKeeper.. Yeah I hate when parents refuse to see the value in their children.. I understand the importance in the story line yet, I can never like those characters.. On top of trying to bring the Winikin into the battle, to lead them as best she can, her second in command has decided that they should pair up. So now Cara has to deal with wanting something she can’t have, having something she doesn’t want and of course a father who supports her staying in indentureland both in the way she fights the battle and the way she finds love.

Sven is the eternal lone wolf.. ok Coyote, destined to run free. He left the safety of Carlos’ ranch at an early age, partially to escape unwanted feelings for Cara and partially because he needed to roam. He has finally stepped up in the NightKeeper world and has become an integral part of the team but one thing remains the same. He still wants Cara, well he wants Cara AND he wants to roam.. He has no clue how to be more than he is and isn’t sure that he should. A Winikin and a Nightkeeper just can’t be. It is taboo in the biggest sense of the word. Sven has never been my favorite character because he always seems the most selfish. The one who puts me first. And yet he is determined to become the man he should be. To step it up for Cara.. to be there at her side. Throughout the book, he is constantly tested and tempted and has to learn how to make the right choice. It is a very intense inner battle. Obviously, I can’t tell you more because it is such an integral part of the story.

While Cara, Sven and the rest of the Nightkeeper compound are doing their best to deal with issue after issues.. Rabbit is fighting his own inner battle. Honestly, this poor kid. The only thing consistent about him is the fact that once he acts, it will probably be the wrong act. He has the heart of a champion and the self esteem of a peanut.. He is so determined to prove to them all that he has self worth.. Grrrr I seriously hate Red Boar and what that horrid, horrid man did to his son while raising him. This child needed love.. but Red Boar the self pitying scuzz ball had to worry about how his life had been destroyed instead of dealing with the gift he had been given. I am seriously hoping that when Rabbit saves the world (and I seriously hope it is Rabbit who does it) that he can in your face Red Boar.. either literally or metaphorically I don’t care.. I just want Rabbit to be able to do the right thing and be acknowledged as the amazing young man he is.

I know, this review was not in my normal style, that I discussed characters not in action and I rambled a bit more than usual. I needed to do so. To write a simple review on such an intense book would be almost criminal. I love this series. It has intrigued me since I saw it on Amazon and thought the concept was just fantastic!! November can’t come soon enough! And Doc Jess was gracious enough to get the book out with plenty of time to read before Dec 21.. Just in case the NightKeepers fail..

People you only have a few more guaranteed months to read this series!! If the Nightkeepers loose you will regret not having taken the time to get these books read (yep, that is what you are going to worry about).. Seriously, this is a must read series..


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