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Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
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Jan 17, 12

bookshelves: horrendous-crap

I had sworn that I would read no further than New Moon, and for a long time I didn't, and then when I was ranting about this series on my blog, someone called me out on the fact that I hadn't even read the last two books. So off to the library I went. Ladies and Gentlemen... there are so many brain cells that I can never get back from having read this series.

Eclipse is the strongest of all 4 books. Not that that's saying much, but it is. In this book, we get a much more vomit inducing look at imprinting (also known as romantic mental rape) it's a long run of selfish and self indulgent women, men who are either mentally deficient or just plain abusive and the very thought that ANYONE should have a shred of personal responsability for their actions is a foriegn one.

But the very last section of the book tries to make believe that there's some action goin' on and the fight scenes are entertaining. So there's that. However it's supposedly a brutal war, and not ONE single good guy dies. The lone female werewolf is repeatedly verbally, mentally and emotionally abused and it never gets any better.

A pile of steaming crap that just happens to smell slightly less bad than the rest of the series. That's all I can really say about this book. Read it if you want to... but it's a day or so of your life that you will never get back.
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