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Hitchers by Will McIntosh
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Feb 03, 12

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Will McIntosh’s debut Soft Apocalypse, which I reviewed here, was a brilliant novel about normal people trying to survive while society gradually collapses around them. It was easily one of my favorite novels of 2011. His catalog of strong short stories includes “Bridesicles,” which won the Hugo and was a Nebula finalist. It’s one of those rare stories where emotion and technology merge to form a perfect little SF universe. I can’t be the only reader who was eagerly awaiting this very exciting author’s second novel.

Well, it’s finally here, and it’s called Hitchers. People who are familiar with Will McIntosh’s debut will immediately notice that this is a completely different animal: a contemporary supernatural/horror novel rather than dystopian science fiction. Keep an open mind, because different as it is, it’s definitely worth your time.

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Justin Dude, you're like book stalking me. haha Just finished it last night.

Stefan What, again? Great minds, I guess! Maybe we should compare reading lists once in a while, like people who don't want to show up in the same outfit at work?

I almost didn't pick this because it's going to start looking like I'm on the NSB payroll, but screw it - his debut novel was so good, I can't wait on this one.

Justin It's totally different. Supernatural horor more than SFF. I've noticed NSB has a hard-on for PKD and Lovecraft influenced stuff.

Thankfully, I don't write for otherwise our identical reading lists would be problematic ;)

Just started SONGS OF THE EARTH and then doing THE TROUPE next. So, stay off my lawn Raets!

Stefan The Troupe... That sounds familiar. Was it on your "most look forward for 2012" list I saw it? Maybe I'll check it out next!

(just kidding)

Justin Ya, it was. It's Robert Jackson Bennett's new novel. It's another circus novel. Given how good NIGHT CIRCUS was, and I heard good things about MECHANIQUE too, makes me really want to read it.

Stefan Did you see the comments on my review of Faith? You should come chime in. It's brutal out there :D

Stefan Anyway, forgot to add - you can always see what I'm planning to review (or at least considering for review) on my spiffy to-be-reviewed shelf here. It's even ordered in terms of priority, although that changes all the time depending on whether or FanLit requests a review or not.

Justin That's fancy. I should probably do that. Although I've got ADD when faced with my reading pile. And new shit always bumps stuff ;)

Justin Stefan wrote: "Did you see the comments on my review of Faith? You should come chime in. It's brutal out there :D"

People get so pissy about SF physics. It drives me nuts.

Stefan I've got CDO about my reading pile (it's like OCD but even better because the letters are in alphabetical order) - I'm always reorganizing and reprioritizing and reordering and making new shelves. Drives me nuts.

And yes, people getting pissy about physics. Tell me about it. Especially in space opera. I mean, it's got something called a Matter Transfer Drive - did you really expect it to be scientifically correct? Meh.

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