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UR by Stephen King
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Dec 15, 2011

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Read from December 15 to 16, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This was an enjoyable addition to my list of King works. However, it wasn't anything spectacular. It kind of felt like an author's fears about the digital world taking shape. I did enjoy the stuffy professor character, which I haven't seen King do before. I also enjoyed both his colleague and the football player who seemed very smart and sweet, unlike the stereotype of the college athlete.
This story also had a few great quotes, such as the one about spite being like methadone for lovers. That made me laugh aloud, both because it was true and funny (and of course, isn't most of what's funny only funny because it IS true?)
But, I wouldn't say this story had too much originality in it. It just didn't grab my attention that much. Time travel, going forward in time to change the future, or seeing the future and then preventing it--all those themes have worn a little thin for me. The book had a few creepy moments, but nothing that stands out in my mind. Also, I wanted to know where all the professor's spite went--he just got scared and it seemed to disappear. The ending was a bit easy for me. I like the endings that are a little harder to swallow. I don't know if all King's books are like this, but the ones I've read this year have endings that go down like warm milk laced with valium--too easy to swallow after all that's happened, and seem like they're intended to sedate. I guess I like more of a mixed bag ending.
Overall, this was a quick read that I'd recommend to people who want to read all the Stephen King that's ever been written (and a few thousand that might be in an alternate UR somewhere).

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