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The Enemy by Charlie Higson
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Dec 15, 2011

really liked it

This book is about a group of kids who live in London and a disease has been spread making anyone over the age of fourteen into a zombie. This book isn’t purely about kids surviving in a world with zombies, this about kids who have to survive without any grownups telling them what to do, there are no rules. This book explores very deeply into the emotions of the kids and really explores the minds of the kids as the story goes on. One reason why I liked this book is because of the action. Through out this whole novel through out every chapter there is fighting and kids killing zombies, this really engages me in the book and makes me want to keep reading. This action shows how strong these characters have become, there are some characters that use to be s innocent and now are put into a situation where they need to kill to live. One big thing I liked about this book was the character development. This really makes you as the reader really feel that you know the characters. Knowing the characters really makes the book feel like a true story. Another big thing I liked about this book was the surprises the story gives you, one example of this is one moment your reading about the character having a discussion and the next moment a whole raid of zombies are chasing someone outside and the kids need to kill a whole raid zombies and make it from a quiet scene to a brutal bloody battle scene. I like this because once the story starts to move slowly it just jumps right at you and goes back to fast paced action. Another type of surprise is when main character start to die, for example, your reading and you start to like one of the characters and all of a sudden they get killed. As the reader you’re thinking WHAT THE HELL. This really confuses the reader in the sense where you just don’t know what the rest of the kids are going to do. I really like this because it makes the story very unpredictable and you never know what’s coming next. Another part of this book I liked was the love factor, in a world where your just trying to live there are character that start having hidden feelings for each other but don’t reveal it because of there conditions there in, also they make decisions based on there feelings for another character. I really feel that this is a really good thing because no matter what people still have these feelings for people. And for me as the reader it really makes me feel exited because I’m trying to think when or if there ever going to reveal there feelings for one another. I really like this book for its action and its character development through out the story the plot starts to not be so important and you end up thinking about the character. I think this book combines love and action and survival all together making me really like this book. I feel that the way the author shied the emotions of the character really stood out for me. I’m not a reader my self and I really enjoyed this experience, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action and character development and emotions and love all tied up into one, but i wouldn't recommend this book to adults or anyone older because it may not seem to interesting to that audience because all the character are 14 and under.

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