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Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols
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May 17, 2012

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Read on January 02, 2012

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I can't for the life of me come up with any good reason for why this book is 4 stars and not 5 stars. Normally five stars for me are rated for books that have a huge emotional impact or connection, or challenge me (or are just plain and simply awesome, or I read in my childhood and I'm totally nostalgic for). I didn't really have an emotional connection but this book did have an emotional impact on me, because I cried in one particular part near the climax. Still, if you ask me what you could change about this book to make it 5 stars, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I really liked it, to me it just wasn't amazing. However, I would recommend it to romance readers and people who love contemporary YA.

And I think it's a really beautiful novel about two damaged people learning to love and overcome their fears. The romance developed nicely and despite Meg's age (17) it was totally believable.

And I totally love Meg's attitude. She's not a bitch, just a rebel with no cause and no fear. John was a giant sweetheart and a total hottie (I don't often find literary characters hot but Echols' descriptions were really great, and I got sucked in to Meg's head to see the attraction) but there was something about him that made me feel that he was a tiny bit manipulative. Maybe it was his protectiveness and his need to CONTROL ALL THE SITUATIONS but he seemed to manipulate Meg a bit, especially physically which is so NOT okay especially as he's this huge cop and she's this tiny teenager.

Well sure, the entire plot revolves around John's decision to make Meg ride along with him. And I secretly have a thing for Gothic novels, which abhors the feminist side of me, because the I'd hate to be in the same position myself but there's a reason Belle from Beauty and the Beast was my favourite Disney princess for many years. I like reading about strong girls trapped in an environment with an older dude who has a position of power over her. Don't do that to me in real life, but I kind of like it in my entertainment. It's my guilty pleasure. That's why I liked The Castle of Otranto, Northanger Abbey, and Jane Eyre.

Going Too Far isn't a Gothic novel, but it does have the basics of one. Meg often wonders if she's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome because she's being forced to spend time with Officer Hottie.

The novel was written okay. I had some issues with the text, mostly because I think they might have been speaking in slang sometimes and I'm not from America, and sometimes the dialogue was ambiguous and vague so it took me a few pages to realise what they were talking about (view spoiler). But I'm clever enough to work it out in the end, and maybe that's what matters.

Pretty much the only problem I had with the book was at the end (view spoiler)

If you like contemporary YA romances you'll probably love this.
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Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page) I loved this one and I'm looking forward to reading more books by Echols. Glad you enjoyed it too!

Reynje This was such a great book - and I love this review.

Amanda The Book Slayer You know I have never heard of this book but thanks to a pick for me pal on a goodreads group she assigned me this book and I really enjoyed it! Great Review by the way!

message 4: by Lissa (new) - added it

Lissa I really liked it, actually a lot more than I thought I would.

Amanda The Book Slayer Me too. I was so surprised by the book. I mean I totally would not have guess that she (view spoiler). I thought the whole good cop/bad cop thing going on with him worked. Okay so he was a good cop through and through but he def. wanted to do things that weren't so good. *snickers*

message 6: by Lissa (new) - added it

Lissa I really liked the romance because I have a thing for broken, vulnerable heroines. Like I said in my review, I found John really hot as well because Meg's voice was so strong. Normally I don't see physical attractiveness in literary characters.

message 7: by MLE (new)

MLE Love the review, but I think I'll skip it. I truly loathe manipulation, and controlling male love interests.

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