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She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb
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Dec 24, 11

Read from December 15 to 24, 2011

Life can get real fucked up, so discovers Dolores Price. Her's is a journey that goes through a string of trails, to the point where she feels a total loss, and just then, finds herself, her happiness.

From a difficult childhood, her father unfaithful to her mother and her mother cracking up and the mix of her father physically abusing her mother, which ends in a divorce, Dolores Price sets off in a life path that is going to prove more or less 'shitted' upon. She is sexually attracted to a tenant of theirs, who ends up rapping her, leaving permanent damage. After this, it seems Dolores loses faith in life, and happiness, and becomes a coach potato. She gains insurmountable weight, goes through the trials of being fat in a high school where no one likes her, and she hates all of them right back.

Her counselling sessions don't go that great, so does schooling, and the idea of college is equally repelling. Her mother manages to get her admitted, but sadly passes on. In college the trial rise in pitch, and frequency, first from her room mate Kippy, who discovers that Dolly is not the girl she had described in her letters. When it all goes wrong - the wrong beyond repair at a party where she knocks a boys balls hard, she seeks refuge in a friends house. This friend, Dottie, ends up professing love and making it to her. She goes away, after killing her damn fish.

She cracks up real good and ends up in a mental hospital where she meets Dr. Shaw. He her shrink, ends up helping Dolores recover quite an emotional mileage towards her recovery, but she give up on him just when he thinks they are about done. She up to create her own happiness, and a chance etch-a-sketchy request job lands her in the path of Dante, now a High School teacher. She moves to where he lives, and by and by brings him to her bait. They marry, which is great at first, but he get her to abort and the soar between them begins, even she tries to convince herself otherwise, in the letters she writers her grandmother, promising to visit.

There is much drama in their marriage, cushioned by her love for him, and the fear that she will lose him. But she eventually discovers that the accusations being leveled against him about having a thing with one of his student is true. She wants nothing to do with him, and kicks him out. But soon her grandmother dies, and she finds herself needing him. Which, sadly, lasts only till after the grandmothers burial, and then she tell him all her secrets, and he storms away, culminating in a divorce.

crap. I'm I retelling this story?

Anyway, so continues this amazing story. More trials, more tribulations, till finally Dolores is touched by the AIDS epidemic that has ravaged his friends the counselling teacher from High School. His gay friend is first to die. And before his own complete deterioration, Fabio tells Dolores she need not be afraid of happiness after all. People spend too much time running away from happiness. And she decides to take her chances, and true to that song she cherishes, her day comes. She paid a high price, shouldered lots of trouble, but there are blessing after all.

Surely, there are blessing after all. Despite the darkness.Despite those moments when life looks like one long journey full of painful moments. It's a liberation, at the very end, one is set free, and can look back, see what they've been though, and smile in gratitude.

Beautiful, engaging book, very hard to forget this character - Dolores Price!
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