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Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward
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Dec 14, 2011

it was amazing
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This is my very favorite book in the BDB series. More than the rest of the books it is somewhat stand alone. So unlike the rest of the books which directly build, one upon the other till you can no longer just randomly pick one up and dive into the world, I cannot say this about 'Lover Avenged'. A reader could pick this one up and then back read after he/she finished it and be just fine.

Rehvenge is my favorite male protagonist in this series because he just seems so much more down to earth. And yes, this is a character who is rich beyond measure, is a member of the gentry and is a modern day club owner/drug dealer/pimp... who SOMEHOW has a heart of near gold underneath it all. So I am well aware of the inconsistency of calling him realistic. But somehow JW makes him realistic. His reactions to things, the way he acts towards family members, his ambitions... it all reads as the sort of thing you would find in a similar man... without any supernatural elements to him.

His relationship with Ehlena seems to go through more of a courtship stage than many of the rest of the romances in this series. When you read a romance novel, you can rest pretty much assured that at the end of the day the guy and the gal are going to end up with their HEA. It's a staple (an awful one too... but whatever). But when Rehv and Ehlena hit their snag... you wonder for a little bit there if they'll make it through. They do... obviously... but for just that crucial second, you wonder.

Ehlena is great because she's a working girl, not YET ANOTHER poor little rich girl who just needs a big strong man in her life. She has a job, knows how to shoot a gun, is brave and gets shit done. And for ONCE... it's not the man who goes and rescues his fair damsel in distress. In this story , the damsel straps on a gun and goes and rescues her own damn man thank you very much.


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