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Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt
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Dec 14, 2011

really liked it

3.5 STARS - I'm still jumping between a 3 and a 4, but I think it's closer to 4.

This book was STRANGE... But for some weird reason, I found myself liking it.


What a cool concept. We're so used to this idea that whites/Caucasians are superior and other races being inferior, and this book just totally reversed that concept, at least in the Eden's civilized world. I thought Foyt was very creative in not only coming up with the idea but also setting up a dystopian world to support the idea - the heat and radiation from the sun being harmful to the lighter skinned people.

Also, this book was full of action, sucking me in right from the start with the dystopian world, to Eden's feisty fight with Ashina, to the experiment, to the great escape, to the challenges of living in the jungle, to discovering all the mysteries, to the big climatic end. This book had so many elements in it, that it kept me on my toes all the way through.


At the same time, I felt its uniqueness was its strength as well as its weakness. While I didn't have a hard time picturing the reversal of the races, I did have a hard time picturing this half man/half beast thing. I don't think Foyt was very descriptive in telling us which part was man and which part was beast, and I was frustrated because I couldn't get a clear picture of this shapeless blob in my head. I also think that because it was a jaguar instead of a primate, I really had a hard time seeing the scenes, especially when he's running or fighting because I'm not sure if he's on two feet (I'm assuming this is the case) or four. And I'm wondering how much of his face had changed. I know his eyes turned cat-like, but I'm not sure if it gets all hairy or what. I don't know, a bit more description would have helped.

The other thing is while the pacing was quick and full of action, I found myself being disoriented because I was confused for a good portion of the book. And I had so many questions building up that I was just desperately eager to get answers to. Most of my questions were addressed in time, but in some books, the author is successful in building the suspense. In this case, Foyt left me disoriented and frustrated.

And I had a love/hate relationship with Eden. Sometimes I really liked her, but sometimes I just wanted to shake some sense into her. I would like her more if she wasn't such a naive, ignorant, selfish girl with all these prejudices, but I guess we wouldn't have much of a story if it weren't for her dumb mistakes. Still, I liked her enough where she didn't drive me too crazy.


In the end, I found myself liking the book though I haven't decided just how much I liked it. I still give Foyt props for her creativeness and her successes. I just wish there were parts that were just a bit more descriptive, and I wish the reading experience went a little smoother.

I hadn't realized there was going to be a Book 2, and I am curious to see how it will turn out... I guess it will feature the next stage of the family as they go through adaptation.
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