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The Nymph King by Gena Showalter
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Dec 14, 2011

did not like it
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Read in December, 2011

Self-proclaimed Grade A Certified stone cold bitch is "defrosted" by a "loveable" misogynist-nymph king. You know, the usual. Except that Shaye, our female lead, isn't that bitchy. She's just got standard white girl problems that romance novels love to go on about. Let me expand, "Mommy doesn't love me, I've had over six fathers, I don't get along with any of my step-siblings, life is unfair."

I think if Shaye had actually been shown as bitchy instead of antisocial then this book would have been more successful for me. In reality, she just isolates herself so that no one can hurt her and it's been done before. I am actually tired of the heroine who shouts ALL THE TIME and is quarrelsome and has ZERO agency in her own life once the male lead shows up.

I'm pretty sure that not once did Shaye ever stand up and say that Valerian had no right what so ever to cart her off like he did (oh she did behind closed doors but there was never a public display in front of the other nymphs because that would have been a messy scene, questioning their practices and calling them all rapists).

Overall I just found the book annoying because it was almost 400 pages of teasing. Will or won't they have sex? Oh! They almost had sex...no they didn't. But they did! Now they're in love!!! Hearts and rainbows and unicorns... gag me. There is absolutely no basis for Shaye to love Valerian. Okay, she wants his body. That's called lust. Home boy stole her from her mother's sixth wedding, has imprisoned her, only lets her go places as long as she's guarded and threatens to punish her countless times. Now, I am not in to Dom&Sub relationships so the threat of violence is not one of my favorite foreplay's to read about in a book. I can stand it to a point but every time Valerian threatened to punish Shaye I kept thinking this is just one more reason for her to get the hell out of Dodge.

Also, the whole virginity thing annoys me, especially when the lead female is from this century. "I have no idea about this thing you call sex" is no longer an excuse for virgins. In fact, you would have to willfully keep yourself secluded from anything sexual to be so ignorant. Shaye treated sex like this mythical thing that she couldn't allow herself because then it would be a gateway for more hurtful things. Insert biggest eye roll ever. This b**** could have googled some stuff and educated herself. But no, she has to rely on a nymph to provide her sexual awakening, "Hey! This sex thing isn't so bad after all!"

I know this is more of a rant about the book than actual review but I just couldn't get past the storyline. In fact, I was more interested in Brenna than Shaye and Brenna only comprises a small part of the book. Brenna's story is the story I wanted to hear about. Not how Shaye was never loved as a child.

Overall, if you want to read about sexy god-like men with rippling muscles and a woman who is afraid of her own sexuality, then this book is up your alley because it takes until almost the end of the book to throw in some conflict.
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72.0% "I'm not comfortable with this book which is saying a lot. Shaye should be fighting harder. It's not love it's chemical."
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78.0% "This book is unnecessarily long and the plot took forever to get to. Oh wait, what plot?"
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Rachael LOL i didnt think she was as bad as some heroines .. its kinda nice to see a heroine thats not automatically fawning over the hero because hes hot , chiseled and has a great body and she sees him naked lol -- i think personally that shaye is like alot of women i know (and have been myself) esp ones that have been hurt by men (not always the family thing but her seeing her mother on hubby 6 and god know how many lovers prob wasnt a good thing for shaye)

message 2: by Els (new) - rated it 1 star

Els It was nice to see Shaye fight her attraction because I find that so many novels of the romance persuasion focus on the love-at-first-sight but in reality it's just you're-hot-I'm-hot-let's-screw. But she just didn't do it for me. I've tried reading other Showalter books but I can't get in to them.

Rachael LOl thats cool els we all have had that at some stage with some books :D

believe me i know hah

Esther Yam Amen, sister.

Rachael heheh im just finishing the last of this series ... (didnt read them in order by the ways) so reading the dragon king now

out of all the books think i liked Nymph King prob the best and the vampire king least :)
have ordered the first of the Lord of the underworlds series so hoping thats a good one heard good reviews about it

Ashley Schuster Hahahaha! This is the most hilarious rant I've ever read! I'm only mostly through the book an I feel like you have it almost dead on! I'm a Showalter fan, but jeeze. Enjoyed it very much! :D

Rachael Ashley wrote: "Hahahaha! This is the most hilarious rant I've ever read! I'm only mostly through the book an I feel like you have it almost dead on! I'm a Showalter fan, but jeeze. Enjoyed it very much! :D"

LOL yeah i love it when someone gives a funny review (good or bad) .. makes my day

Nenia *The Flagrant Liberal* Campbell I love your review. I agreed with everything so much. x_x

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