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The Thirteen by Susie Moloney
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Dec 21, 11

it was ok
Read on December 14, 2011

I just wasn't really compelled by any of the characters here, it was a bit of a trek to finish the book when I didn't much care who lived or died. Also, I get the desire not to lay out all of the characters' history and detail all the supernatural stuff in a big expository block, but given that we get internal narratives from a number of characters on the "inside" of the witches' circle, it would have been nice to have someone think a little bit more explicitly about what was going on before, say, page 200. It was more annoying then mysterious given that it's obvious enough that, hmm, there's some kind of demon they're sacrificing to to make their lives more awesome and it's gone horribly wrong.

As someone also from Manitoba, like the author, there were a couple little editorial glitches I found amusing - I assume this book is supposed to be set somewhere in New England (couldn't be bothered to check if there was a specific reference, sure didn't feel like Manitoba; I don't think they call their electricity "hydro" there.

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