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A Cold Creek Secret by RaeAnne Thayne
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Dec 22, 2011

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Read from December 20 to 21, 2011

"Nice" is about the only thing I can come up with to describe this one. It's horribly formulaic, not that interestingly written, and the author hits on so many typical Harley tropes and clichés that it was more like a checklist than a plot. But it was the only thing I had while waiting in a doctor's office, and it did help distract me from the local HS choirs belting out the yuletide hits in the nearby rotunda. Because I love hearing them WHEREVER I GO this time of year.

So the knocked-up runaway socialite who flees to Idaho in February to get moral support from her ex-stepmom without even calling ahead to make sure the woman is even in the country (she's isn't) and then drives headlong into a blizzard and then ends up ditched in a local creek and is rescued by a soldier-rancher on leave from Iraq who recognizes her for the rich tabloid ditz she is but then realizes she's actually a VERY DEEP PERSON who is FRAGILE and WORTHY of LOVE AND PROTECTION and also ODDLY OBSESSED with CLEANING HOUSES whenever she's STRESSED (which of course speaks of a hidden talent at flipping houses on the real estate market that needs to be FOSTERED BY MANLY HARLEY MALE SEXXORING to make this delicate little blossom bloom into an EMPOWERED ROSE after years and years of emotional neglect and abuse by her richass daddy) but, being a slave to the Harley formula, this little lovey-dovey situation is wrecked by her deciding not to subject him to the horrors of the paparazzi and so jilts him in a cruel manner, whereupon he goes back to Iraq and gets wounded and is shipped home only to find that his house has been completely redecorated and she's moved in with a rescue Labrador and her "let me outside a zillion times a day" little fluffy dog......really helped me not strangle the teens who thought I really needed to hear another rendition of "Angels We Have Heard On High."

It wasn't bad, it wasn't great, but it was pure Harley.
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Reading Progress

12/20/2011 page 39
18.0% "So a rancher-soldier on leave, who hasn't had sex in about 6 months, is now playing host to an incognito socialite (think Anne Hathaway with Paris Hilton's $$$) who is knocked up by some hotshot singer Marc Anthony-type dbag who won't break off his engagement with some Angelina Jolie chick & wanted her to get an abortion.

THIS, my peeps, is why I love the Harleys.

12/21/2011 page 62
29.0% "And what does any pregnant & freaked-out socialite ditz do when she's snowed in at some rarely-used ranch? Why, she grabs a bucket, gloves, a couple rags, and cleans the place!" 1 comment
12/21/2011 page 126
58.0% "I think the heroine's foofy Bichon Frise dog Muffy Simone has been let outside to do her business 1,034,091,382 times already." 1 comment
12/21/2011 page 137
63.0% "Make that 1,034,091,383 times." 1 comment

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Karla Did you see that the picture frame only says "Happy Holiday"? Singular. :P I wonder which one they mean, or if the Made in China elves don't have their English grammar down pat.

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I just threw up a little after reading that cover blurb.

Karla This story is showing me just how tender and fragile and sympathetic a stinking rich socialite like Paris Hilton really is. *sniff*

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah ....Can you feel my sympathetic vibes? I bet they're washing over right this moment. :P

Karla Him going back to Iraq happens off-screen. One chapter ends, and then the next one starts and it's been 6 months and he's recuperating in Germany. Got a bit of whiplash at that point.

Karla Yep, I think I was too generous with the 3 stars, but it's not BAD. Just....a typical plain ol' Harley. The setup with the socialite, baby daddy, and taking a dive into the creek is about as WTF as it gets. The plot is so domestic and cozy. Throw in some God talk and it'd be a Love Inspired. The heroine already beats herself up for being a slut and shameful, etc. which seems to be a LI cliche for those "experienced" ladies with "shameful" pasts.

message 7: by Kerrie (new)

Kerrie Your review is the most entertaining run-on sentence ever. :D

Karla Kerrie wrote: "Your review is the most entertaining run-on sentence ever. :D"

I busted my ass trying to keep that coherent. :D

message 9: by Sans (new)

Sans I heart your reviews.

Karla Thank you. ^___^ That gives me the holiday fuzzies!

message 11: by Sans (new)

Sans Yay for holiday fuzzies!

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah So did the hotshot dbag dude get punched in the face?

Karla He never showed up! Some lame aside about being threatened by lawyers or something and so he is totally out of the picture. Jeanine's right - this is a Harley I'll forget every detail of in a week. :P

message 14: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Booooooooo! What's the point of a badass soldier/fighter love interest when he can't even punch the asshole & defend the woman's honor?

Karla He held off the clamoring paparazzi with a shotgun. Does that count for "knight in shining armor"? LOL

message 16: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Pfft. Whatever. *dismissive gesturing*

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