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The Declaration by Gemma Malley
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Jan 02, 2012

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bookshelves: science-fiction, post-apocalypse, romance, adventure-friendship-understandin, freedom-communism-cold-war-berli, teen, fiction
Read from December 13, 2011 to January 02, 2012

This science fiction novel tells us about life in the future and the crisis' that has happened. In the year 2140, the world's population has increased due the number of births but no deaths. They have created a longevity drug which can keep you alive forever. All the children have been brought away to this prison where they are taught not to be a burden to the world and that they are worthless. This story is about this one, special girl, Anna. She has pretty much been brainwashed by the deadful Mrs. Pincent that she is worthless and doing the chores is how she is paying for her parents' sins. She sees no future, all she desires is to become an Valuable Asset and be a good housekeeper for the Legals. This is until Peter comes into her life. He tells her all about her own life, the life she had before coming to Grange Hall. He tells her that her parents loved her and that he was here to help her escape. Through the next few weeks she starts to build an friendship with him. But will their friendship overcome Mrs. Pincent and the Catchers?

I picked this book because i liked the front page caption, If you had a chance to live forever with an ugly price, would you opt in or out? This brought me to imagine what i would do if i was put up with this same situation. So i wanted to see how this author might want to interpret this idea.

The end of any story was the resolution. And if they escape or don't escape there will be a story behind that. So you can't really stop without finishing it. Can't stop without reading about how this adventure could be life changing for these two young teens battling with the world and how their life would be like later on.

I would recommend this book to arrogant people who just expect things to be handed to them and take things for granted. This book has a great message behind it and i believe that these people should really stop thinking about themselves and see all the things the characters in this story have given up and lost for a better future.

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Reading Progress

12/17/2011 page 32
10.0% "So, this book takes place in England and in the year 2140 where it is illegal to be young. The world has developed a longevity drug. Anna meets the new "Pending Surplus" and he reveals that he knew her parents"
12/19/2011 page 42
13.0% "I think the new Surplus and Anna are starting to build a relationship together, as she is constantly feeling nervous around her and the Surplus, Peter just had protected her from this big bully. I think Anna doesn't want to admit it but she might actually like Peter"
12/20/2011 page 48
15.0% "Peter knows more about Anna than see thinks as, he explains to her the personal secret that Anna has a birthmark on her stomach that is slightly shaped like a butterfly. Can Peter be Anna's brother?"
12/20/2011 page 72
23.0% "Anna is brainwashed. She has been imprisoned in Grange Hall for all her life. She beliefs what she is doing is the right thing. It's as if she has no other way of thinking than what Mrs. Pincent has stamped into her mind. Now, Peter is trying to bring her back to her family and out of this prison but it might be no use since she is convinced of hatred towards her parents."
12/27/2011 page 87
27.0% "After Tania and Charlotte had been sent to Solitary for not "Knowing Their Place" after the incidents from their nightly Master and Surplus ( a game where one person is a master and can tell the Surplus anything that they must do) the next day Anna discovers that Peter had been missing."
12/27/2011 page 97
30.0% "The surplus Charlie mysteriously appears again, as he threatens Anna on what he will do to Peter. This surprises Anna since they are roommates and if even Charlie doesn't know where Peter is, no ody else will"
12/27/2011 page 97
30.0% "The surplus Charlie mysteriously appears again, as he threatens Anna on what he will do to Peter. This surprises Anna since they are roommates and if even Charlie doesn't know where Peter is, no ody else will"
12/27/2011 page 97
30.0% "nobody else will. Anna senses that Peter might actually be in danger. She is willing to break all the rules to help save Peter because he was her friend, however much she tried to deny it."
12/28/2011 page 126
39.0% "Late at night, Anna sneaks out to solitary to find Peter. The next day, she is called to Mrs. Pincent's office and she asks her on what she knows about Peter. After their talk, she hears her on the phone saying that she wants to arrange an accidental death for Peter"
12/28/2011 page 135
42.0% "As Anna is walking door the halls to meet with Peter, she hears footsteps behind her. She is tense and nervous to face her punishment. She turned around to see that it was Sheila that has been following her. Sheila knows she is going to find Peter and asks that if they go anywhere to bring her too"
12/31/2011 page 160
50.0% "Anna and Peter are prepared to escape. Part one of their plan is to get Anna into solitary. Her attempt is unsuccessful as she gets sent to take care of the youngs. Later, as she has about given up, she overhears that Mrs. Pincent has left for London and sees this as the opportunity to get into solitary. She backtalks to a domestic and gets reunited with Peter"
12/31/2011 page 160
50.0% "She believes that she is invincible with Peter by her side. With this type of teamwork they are sure to escape safe and sound"
01/02/2012 page 235
73.0% "Anna and Peter have escaped from Grange Hall. Outside though, Peter has hurt his leg and they choose to hide out in Mrs. Sharpe's summer house. She later realizes that they are in there and she offers to help them get to London. They have told her many information and i think she will probably be forced to give up that info."
01/02/2012 page 256
80.0% "The other baby came before hers which meant that the baby son would be sent to Surplus Hall. She would rather let her son die than for him to be trapped at the hall. Every new Surplus reminded her of what she had lost. That is probably why she has a heart of cold and evil."
01/02/2012 page 256
80.0% "Mrs. Pincent had a son. She has lived a life of lonely less and was unloved by her own father who was the chairman of the biggest Longevity drug company for being a girl, as he wanted a boy to carry on the family name. Margaret got married and found out she was pregnant with a boy. This would finally regain her father's love. Bur, there was a one child policy and her husband reveals to her that he cheated on her"
01/02/2012 page 257
80.0% "It was her mission in life to avenge her son's cruel fate by ensuring that each and every Surplus in Grange Hall endured a life that was not worth living"
01/02/2012 page 286
89.0% "Mrs.Pincent reads Anna's diary and sees that she talks about Peter's gold signet ring with the initials AF carved into it. It turns out that Mrs. Pincent recognises this ring as the one her grandfather had and the one that was given to her baby. Now, knowing that her son was alive she was going to repay her husband for killig their so and for killing the last 15 years of her life. She holds her revolver outand shoot"
01/02/2012 page 300
94.0% "The story ends with the Catcher's finding the whole family and Peter. They witness the death of their mom and dad as they gave up their lies in order to save Anna and Ben's life. Peter also discovers that he is now legal too. He learns that he is the son of Mrs. Pincent and his grandfather is the chairman of Longevity. The two of them share an everlasting love. They now live tosavoureverymomentandinfreedom and safety"
01/02/2012 page 300
94.0% "Le fin"

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