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Don't Look Behind You by Ann Rule
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Dec 13, 2011

really liked it
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Read from January 05 to 09, 2012

I read this about a month ago and it was my first Ann Rule in quite some time. It did make me remember why she's always been my favorite t.c. author. I have a few on my shelves that I've missed and I need to get those finished this year hopefully.
I should have reviewed this right away when I finished but that just wasn't possible this time and now I forget what exactly I wanted to say. I know I wanted to mention a few things because I checked a few of the pages. I'll have to let it go\ though.
I can say this, this book is no different IMO than any other of Rule's books. She's always on point, she has a way of turning an "ordinary" case into something interesting for most, if not all, t.c. readers.
I'd recommend it if you like Rule in general and/or if you like well written t.c. books. If you're not a t.c. reader and just want to see what all the hype is about because the author is well known I'd pass. True crime isn't for everyone.
The one story that really sticks with me from this book is the one with Curtiss and Notaro. I think what really got me is that Curtiss *looks* normal. She looks like any decent looking, middle-aged professional woman. And she's anything but. Their victim, Joe Tarricone, is featured in detail by Rule and you really feel you know him, the good and the bad. He's so lively and happy in his pictures which make what these monsters did all the more horrible.
Another story was about a "man" (I use that word loosely in relation to this scum) named Bob Hansen. I don't know how anyone as deplorable the people who do the things he do came to be. How does it happen? Society? Was he a "bad seed"? What is it? How can someone go through life like Curtiss, Notaro and Hansen?
If there was ever a time to thank God for so many different things at once it's after reading a t.c. book.
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73.0% "almost finished the second story which is no less interesting then the first... the last few must be pretty short but I haven't gotten to those yet." 1 comment
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Kirsten Are you sending this to someone when you are done? If not ... I would love to read it. I can certainly send it back to you when I'm done. May be the way to get myself back into some true crime ... I love Ann Rule. And maybe it can be an excuse to meet halfway one day when the kids are not in school and I don't have to work. :)

message 2: by Eva (new) - rated it 4 stars

Eva Leger Kirsten, I sent to to my friend Jeannie but I don't think she'll keep it. Want me to ask her if she'll pass it on if it's not a keeper for her? She's on PBS too. :)
And we don't need an excuse to meet up! I'm usually never doing anything! (Well, that's not exactly true but I do have a lot of free time.) :)
Hey, we could pick out some books for each other and then meet sometime if you wanted! How cool would that be?!

Kirsten That would be so awesome!!!!! I do work full time but am usually off when the kids are ... and I can try to find some other time as well :)

I will work on updating my GR books so that you can see what I have and then we can pick a date!! :)

And if Jeannie doesn't want to hold on to the book, have her find me on PBS and I'll get it from her on there.

message 4: by Eva (new) - rated it 4 stars

Eva Leger Cool! I'm going to message Jeannie today so I'll ask her and let you know and we can definitely do this other thing! I think it'd be so cool!
It's not often people that meet like we did live close enough to do that. Especially people who have a hobby in common!

Kirsten Okay ... I'm an idiot ... Guess what came in the mil today from PBS???? Lol :)

message 6: by Eva (new) - rated it 4 stars

Eva Leger I don't know whose the idiot because I almost asked you if I sent it to you! lol
(I didn't, did I?) I've been known to mix up friends books a time or two. Only I don't think I could have here because I'd already sent it to my friend Jeannie. I think.
All this reading is taking up all this space in my brain I guess.
I'm glad you got it though! Hey - do you enter the gveaways here? I won three book this week! I already have the first one here too! Can't beat three new surprise books! :)

Kirsten I enter giveways sporadically but have only won one book. Guess I'll have to start entering more ... I know that it can be totally random ... but that they like you to write reviews. I wish that I had the time to write as much as you do!!!!

And no, it wasn't you who sent the book ... so you are not completely brain dead.

I just started reading it and I love it. I love how detailed Ann Rule gets with her stories. :)

message 8: by Eva (new) - rated it 4 stars

Eva Leger I love her too. I stopped reading hers for awhile because I was caught up but that ended quickly. I know I have one or two that I have but haven't read. I think the one that came out before this is upstairs. Have you read that one? I think it's Smoke, Mirrors, and Murder: And Other True Cases I definitely have a hardback of.
I've been pretty lucky with my firstreads wins. Most of them I've loved.
It doesn't matter when you write the review but I know a review of 50+ words will make it more likely that you win. I used to win one at a time and then all of a sudden last time I won two in a week and this time three in a week. I'm not complaining though!
I go through them every few weeks and enter for whatever I think looks interesting and then wait. You should look through - they have so many.

Meaghan Joan Hansen is on my website: http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/h...

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