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Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins
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Apr 30, 12

it was amazing
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You know why I love reading? It’s because of books like this! This book seriously blew me away with it’s epic awesomness! Remember last week when I was raving and fangirling over Of Poseidon? Be aware, this will happen again, right now!

*takes a deep breath*

A Tale of Goodness and Evil, packed with an Epic Love Story
Sweet Evil is a story about evil and an epic forbidden love story! Anna was always able to see the aura of other people and she knew she was different, yet she never knew why. It’s when she meets Kaidan … *pause*… that she begins to discover who and what she is. And… its not pretty!, it’s terrifying and shatters Anna’s world!

The whole story was fast paced, never boring and I especially loved the time frame. This first book spans around 8 month of Anna’s Life and it gives so much room for development which is what I especially loved! There is so much happening, yet never overwhelming. (Although, I was admittedly and constantly overwhelmed by Kaidan’s presence..)

Anna – sweet adorable innocent Anna!
Anna was such an incredible wonderful character and I wanted to hug her simply for being her. She’s the sweetest and nicest girl you can imagine, there is nothing considerably bad about her. You might say this sounds boring and stereotype much, yet it is simply Anna’s nature to be so sweet. It’s pure her and it feels utterly genuine and real. I loved Anna with her naivety and innocence and she as a character worked absolutely perfect for this story!! Anna never felt wrong to me and it’s due to Wendy Higgins talent that I fell in love with this adorable girl!

*fans self* Kaidan … *dies*
Kaidan .. *pauses* is the perfect and exact opposite to Anna. He’s alluring, mysterious, thrilling and he is seductive. (*oh my… he’s Seductive with a Captial S) Oh and I should mention his british accent -*swoons*. He is one of those characters that instantly made an impression and you cannot turn away from him, being utterly fascinated by this boy the instant he enters to the stage! In all honesty, I have no words to describe the effect Kaidan had on me. He featured everything I love in paranormal novels including his outrageous attitude, seductive hotness, strong package and the promise that there is more inside him which needs to be discovered.

In Kaidan, there is no innocence, he’s the bad boys girl fall for and get broken. He uses girls, throws them away, yet he mostly comes out unscathed. Anna is the first girl who is not falling for his charm instantly – she’s simply not the girl who likes to play games. At the same time, Anna is the first girl that ever wants to look into his soul and his heart – something incredibly frightening for Kaidan. There is something about Anna that will ruin everything he has ever believed in …

He was smoking hot. As in H-O-T-T, hott. I’d never understood until that moment why girls insisted on adding an extra t. This guy was extra-t-worthy. – Anna, Sweet Evil, ARC pg.10

Good gracious, he was sexy – a word that had no existed in my personal vocabulary until now. - Anna, Sweet Evil, ARC, pg. 18

Love, steamy Hottness, Heartbreak, Butterflies and Tears… Tears and Tears
This whole story was incredible emotional and Wendy Higgins has this incredible talent to make you feel what their characters felt. I was right there with Anna, feeling her emotions instead of reading them, absorbing them and making them my own. THIS is why I read, this is what I want! I want to feel the butterflies when they kiss I want to feel the heartbreak and I want to shed tears with them! Sweet evil is all that and more! Moreover, Sweet Evil is incredibly sexy – it’s hot, it’s steamy yet it still stays suitable for an older YA readership. We never get too far, although this teasing was driving me nuts!

Bottom Line:
Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins is a highly seductive read, with intense and memorable characters which will suck you into their tale and occupy your mind even after finishing the last page. Anna is an adorable heroine perfect for a tale of good and evil and Kaidan is her perfect counterpart who will enter your dreams and won’t let you go! *dies of this epicness*
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Mindy I totally agree! I'm a little (OK a lot) obsessed with this book!

Danny Ohh yes this is a book to be obsessed over!!!!!

message 10: by Tom (new) - added it

Tom Ughh...you are killing me. My to-be-read is getting to the point that I'm going to need a spreadsheet or something. I have 3 books to go on a challenge then I'll hit this one.

Danny This is a book that needs to push up the waiting line.. seriously... soooo freaking good!! I cannot recommend this one enough. Good thing it comes out soon!

message 8: by Tom (new) - added it

Tom Went right to the store and DOH!! How do you get advance copies of books? Probably the third time it happened to me. :(

Danny Gosh, I am sorry! I got the book send from the publisher for review purposes...

Ceitidh Holy shit my dear! cant wait until is released!! I pre-oreder it already! thnx to youuuuuuuuuuuuu!! muah!!! what would I do without your recommendations my dear!! <3

Danny Natalia Belikov wrote: "Holy shit my dear! cant wait until is released!! I pre-oreder it already! thnx to youuuuuuuuuuuuu!! muah!!! what would I do without your recommendations my dear!! <3"

*huuuugs* it comes out TOMORROW!!!!!!! wooot!

Pehel LOVE your review!! Itz awesome!! :D :D

Danny Thank you so much Pehel :)))) I just loved this book so freaking much!


Heather I really liked your review. You inspired me to read the Of Poseidon books, too :)

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