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Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane
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Dec 13, 2011

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bookshelves: urban-fantasy, mystery, 2012, series
Read from August 05 to 14, 2012

Seriously I am so confused right now!! At first I couldn't wait to read this book, then it was good but a bit slow, then better, then better, then WTFOMG ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH MUST KILL CHESS!!!!!!! Then holy shit this is the most uncomfortable slightly scary sex scene I have ever read and now I feel so dirty I need a shower. Then, fine whatever I don't even give a fuck anymore, is this book over yet. Then the biggest AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ever, like EVER EVER. Followed by, I know this is the climax and this magic is super detailed but WTF IS GOING ON??? Finally, it all ended with a well huh...guess they won. Whatever. Where is my new Ilona Andrews book?


Basically it boils down to 2 things...CHESS AND TERRIBLE.

Chess, you stupid selfish slut! (Wow say that 5 times fast...stupid selfish slut, stupid shellfish schlup...damn I can't even say it 2 times fast without fucking it up.) She was her normal flip floppy, self deprecating, insecure but ultimately strong self till page 340. At that point I wanted to kill her, send her soul to her terrifying city of eternity and then stand at the gates taunting her about it and rubbing it in her face that she deserved it.

And Terrible! This is a man who is a big, scary, dangerous mod enforcer, but because he can be a total teddy bear at times made me love him. This was the first time in this series I was scared of him. There is a very thin fucking line between consensual rough sex and rape and he basically stood on that line while pissing on it.Yes she consented, but what fucking option did she have? She thinks she is so goddamned worthless (and yes she fucked up big time and she deserved for him to dump her ass) she felt she deserved whatever rage he gave her. Yes, yes he apologized, but OMG it was horribly uncomfortable to read.

And I know we are talking about 2 people with pretty messed up upbringings and they aren't going to have your "normal" picket fence relationship. But she can only only fuck things up so many times while she figures out what the hell it is she wants, and he should know abuse is abuse.

Basically I lost all respect for Chess and a bit for Terrible too. Throughout the series I have been waiting for Chess to figure it out, for a light bulb to go off in her head. It never fucking happens. Yes this whole series has only taken place over a year and its hard to change your way of thinking in that short of a time period but damn! I am losing patience.

She causes things, and affects so many people around herself but refuses to realize it. Every time there is an inkling that she has fucked up something for someone else she can't deal. She immediately starts popping pills. I could understand if she would at least try to deal with the consequences of her actions, fail, and THEN take the drugs. But she doesn't even try! Just lets her brain go off into oblivion like nothing ever happened. I mean come on - what kind of a fuck you is that to the people she screws over, that she won't even accept that she caused it. I am mostly talking about Elder Griffen here. After she screws up his work life the book never addresses her feelings about it, her ideas to try and fix things, or even her acceptance of what she did. She slightly glosses over it, then immediately turns her attention elsewhere (usually to her cepts).

At first I didn't understand her addiction, then as the series progressed and I learned about how fucking hard her life was I got it, and now I am just tired of it.Sounds harsh, I know that, but I can't help it.

By the end of the book I cared more about all the people who had been sucked up into the plot of the book and their fates than I did about Chess's. Yeah I still love Terrible and wanted him to survive, but I couldn't have cares less if she made it or not. And I know there is supposed to be a 6th book in the series, so I figured she would live, but who cares. She doesn't deserve to be punished for her life. She thinks she is worthless because that is what all her abusers told her, but really its her selfishness that makes me want to beat her down.


So yeah...that was way more of a rant than I meant to go off on. The book itself is still good. The plot was involved and twisted, but the magic was pretty detailed and confusing. You really had to pay attention and understand it all if you wanted the plot to make sense. It was also weird for Chess to only have a Downside case to work on. Normally she is juggling a Church case as well in the plots of these books, but not this time.

Besides Chess being horribly annoying this book it was good. It started a bit slow, but once it got underway it was non stop action. This series is a fantastic one and I will definitely read #6 but Chess has got to start growing up and dealing with her emotional issues.

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08/12/2012 page 106
28.0% "Chess keeps going off on these depressing tangents where she dwells on her worthlessness. I know she feels that way but between the last book and this one I am starting to get tired of hearing about it. She is growing but can't stop tearing herself down."
08/12/2012 page 225
60.0% "Chess you dumb slut!!! What are you doing?!?"
08/12/2012 page 230
61.0% "I think I have officially lost all respect for Chess. sympathy for her past, her abuse, is basically gone. it's harsh I know but I am just so sick of her shit. I know this whole series takes place over a year and no one can change that fast but still what she does to Terrible because of her own insecurities is just selfish and a cop out in the end. Ug. I am so annoyed with this book right now."
08/12/2012 page 245
65.0% "Wow. I don't even know what to think about the last few pages. That was so close to the line between rape and consensual. Chess did consent but damn. That was uncomfortable to read." 1 comment
08/12/2012 page 274
73.0% "I am kinda sad. I am so over Chess at this point. She affects so many without even realizing it. Then she cannot even accept the consequences or at least think about them. I know that's her addiction but I wanna see her face something straight on. Not a life death situation but a purely emotional one. Accept it and deal with it." 2 comments
08/14/2012 page 376
100.0% "Finished! Review to come!"

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