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Ransom by Julie Garwood
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Oct 03, 14

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So I've read another one of Julie Garwood's historical romance books and again I'm both disappointed and satisfied at the same time.

I don't know why she does this. She starts great, but then she kind of loses her mojo and she rushes things trough, and Ransom is no exception.

I loved the beginning, I liked how she took time to introduce the heroine, how she talks about her childhood, about the thing that happened when Gillian was 4 years old. I loved how protective Gillian is about the young boy that evil baron kidnapped and how she helped him escape. Her relationship with the boy is adorable and was very well done. To make the long story short, I loved the beginning even thought it took forever for Gillian to actually meet the hero Brodick.
When they finally do meet it's lovely, sexy and sweet. Brodick is the typical Garwood alpha male....yum, I love her alpha heroes (especially the Highlanders), he resists and resists and resists, but eventually he realizes that he fell for her from the beginning. Gillian is sweet and naive and innocent, yet so very strong and brave and resourceful. This is what I love about Garwood's books. She writes the best heroines and heroes. Her heroines are headstrong but definitely not bitchy. Usually when I'm looking for a HR to read so many times I stumble upon books where the heroine is often described as fiery and headstrong, but when I actually pick up those books most of the time those heroines seem bitchy and whiny.
Garwood's heroes are the best too. The heroes are as alpha as they get, they are sexy and gruff and definitely not very happy about falling in love with the heroines, but when they do fall they fall hard.
The chemistry....oh, this woman sure does know how to make the sparks fly. And the marriage ceremonies in Garwood's books are usually very funny and imaginative (remember Judith and Ian's wedding from The Secret , and Brenna and Connor's wedding from The Wedding or Madelyne and Duncan's from Honor's Splendour?) So of course there's a funny wedding ceremony in Ransome too. Actually it's my favorite of Garwood's wedding ceremonies.
Like I said, Garwood sure can write a funny and sexy book, so why, why, why! does she keep switching from show mode to tell mode to show mode to tell mode....and so on. Small-Stick man banging head against wall Pictures, Images and Photos

At times the show to tell switch is subtle, but it's there.
And why does she switch to warp speed? It' like she wants to put all these things in the book but realizes that if she actually took time to properly develop those subplots her books would be at least 200 pages longer. But she doesn't want to exclude those subplots so she crams too many information on one single page that it looks ridiculous. She keeps retelling the story about how Gillian saved the boy, over and over again. We've read the saving the boy part in details at the time she was actually saving the boy, and we read about it again when Brodick finds out about it....but do we need to read it all over again every single time someone new meets Gillian? She's brave and she saved the boy, we know!!!! So move on with it already!!!!
And what's with Brigid and Ramsey? Why don't they have their own book? It seems like Garwood was planing to write about them but she decided to cram their story into Ransom, and as a result of that their romance doesn't get the intensity it deserves. Brigid and Ramsey's relationship is a distraction.

All in all it was a fun book, but it could have been great, and because I love Garwood's heroines and heroes so much it's a 3.5 stars.
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message 1: by Nat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nat "I don't know why she does this. She starts great, but then she kind of loses her mojo and she rushes things trough"
^^THIS is exactly how I felt.

message 2: by ivana18 (last edited Aug 16, 2014 10:48AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

ivana18 Nat wrote: ""I don't know why she does this. She starts great, but then she kind of loses her mojo and she rushes things trough"
^^THIS is exactly how I felt."

It happens in most of her books :D
I like her heroes and heroines but she should really do something about her pacing. Continuity is the key.

Ashley Ford This was my first GArwood book and my first time really reading a romance (loaned to me by my Aunt) and I loved loved loved it! I do agree that Ramsey and Brigid need a book!

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