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A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
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Dec 12, 2011

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You know what, I'm not going to give this book a higher rating because I like the rest of the series; this book was a 3, and it deserves a 3 rating (somewhere along the lines of a B-. A low B- though.)

Okay, rant first then positive things. Go (spoilers):
This book entirely focused on the POV of the Lannisters essentially, and that doesn't even include Tyrion. Cersei becomes this absolutely abhorrent character by the end of this book. Sure, you didn't really care for her to begin with, and yeah, you may understand her position a bit, but she literally brings it all upon herself. She is the definition of that person who people attach themselves to because they find her powerful, but at the end of the day, she has no friends, only enemies and cowards.
As for Jamie, you just feel pity for him, and you wish he'd grow his hand back magically. The entire book I just wanted him to ride off into the sunset with Brienne, but I don't think that's going to happen.
(I also am getting weary of the killing off of all likeable characters. The best warning I can give to a reader: attach yourself to no one).
Nothing really happens in this plot line, all the action happens in the first third of the book. After the death of Tywin Lannister, you might as well put down the book.
Also, I don't like how Catelyn Stark "comes back to life". No, leave her dead if you are going to kill her.

-Tommen is adorable. His lines will make you smile and want to coo at him. He has a kitten and names it "ser Pounce' for instance
- Sansa's storyline is intriguing. I am truly curious as to what will happen to her in the 6th book (the 5th skips over her)
- Arya's still alive (whew)
- Joffrey dies (best part of this book) and Tywin dies. A part of me craves Cersei's death, but at the same time, I would rather see her sent to the wall or something :)
- Jamie trying to be a moral person and trying to end his ties with Cersei. I don't predict happy tidings in his future though :(

So, the big questions on my mind are:
What are Baelish's real intentions with Sansa?
Will Cersei die?
Did Brienne die? (most likely, but I don't want to believe its true)
Will Gendry EVER figure out who he is?
What is going on with Arya Stark?
And where are the freaking direwolves??

Are you getting a feel for why this book was a three? It just lacked everything else the first books had. I hope George R.R. Martin regains his storytelling abilities for the last books.

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