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Freedom's Landing by Anne McCaffrey
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Jun 11, 12

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I ordered a few of McCaffrey's books from the library after seeing the outpouring of grief and reminiscing upon her death. Thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and started with Freedom's Landing (published in 1995), the first book in the "Catteni Series."

Catteni (or "Cats") is the name of an alien species that has a habit of kidnapping humans (and others) and dropping them on (presumably) unused planets to see if they're inhabitable (non-Catteni = canaries in the coal mine). Kristin Bjornsen, a female from Earth, had just escaped slavery on one planet when she was rekidnapped along with a rebel Catteni named Zainal she helped. They are dropped on a planet nicknamed Botany (Australian history and Star Trek fans, take note). While the good guys go through some trials trying to survive on and understand the strange new world the find themselves in, I was a little disappointed how little trouble they got into. Sure, there were some dangers from the new planet, but getting to know their new surroundings went swimmingly compared to dealing with grumpy humans and other aliens. This didn't seem right somehow.

And there was one thing that seriously bothered me, especially coming from a female author. There's a character in the novel who apparently has been raped by some Catteni and maybe some humans before being dumped with the other guinea pigs. Kristin is convinced that the same character will continue to be a target of rapist because she's cute. WOW, did that piss me off. Small children and little old ladies get raped too - that's not about them being attractive, that's about the rapist wanting a power trip and whether or not the victim is cute is irrelevant. I'll still keep and open mind and give the next book in the series, Freedom's Choice, a shot.

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HRM Maire I hate to disagree with a statement you made, but I must: she does not worry about her getting raped again because she's cute--she'll be noticed more because she is attractive, of course, but I think it's more because she is so vulnerable and needy. She is the archetypal victim, unable to look out for herself. Since she has no power herself, she's like a vacuum for someone to have power *over* her.

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