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The Hedgewitch Queen by Lilith Saintcrow
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Dec 12, 11

Read in December, 2011

At first, I didn't know what to expect of this book, but it all too soon became a book that sucks you in and leaves you hanging!

From court conspiracies to romance to mystery, The Hedgewitch Queen has it all. The best part of this book is that the characters and the setting come from a fictionalized Europe, with different countries. The language that these people use seems like some archaic form of French or blend of modern languages, like m'chri or m'dama. The setting creates a mood that you could be sucked into for all its intrigue and spice.

I had no idea what this book was to be like when I first opened it - you can imagine my sudden fervor for MORE when I read the coup happening and Vianne's narrow escape from capture and slaughter. The best part of this story is the development of Vianne as a whole; she goes from a demure lady-in-waiting for the princess and gradually becomes the queen that she is forced to become as a result of the bloody results of murder that she witnessed. For someone in her role, I think it admirable that she could adapt so well in such a short amount of time and still keep a level mind.

The romance in this story is touching in that Tristan has had a one sided love for Vianne since she was thirteen. It's even more cute as readers find out the attempts that he tried to get her attention, and she diverted them without even knowing; Vianne is used to being told she is not pretty and that no suitors would ask for her, and so she could not believe that Tristan actually held affections for her.

I'm definitely hanging around for the next novel in June. The intrigue and the big surprise at the end is something that must be resolved, poor Vianne. And like some of the other reviews on here - do NOT read the excerpt from the next book unless you seriously are masochistic enough to want that kind of a cliffhanger/spoiler (because it is both!!)!!! I personally love spoilers (not so much cliffhangers) but the excerpt's events were hinted at earlier, only now confirmed. But still. Proceed at your caution.

This is definitely recommended for others to read!

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