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Amelia's 6th-Grade Notebook by Marissa Moss
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Dec 12, 11

(graphic novel)
This graphic novel is an all time favorite amongst female young readers! This most certainly isn't the typical graphic novel either where there are illustrations here and there but this is a very unique one! Young readers will love the format of this novel because it is actually in the format of a real notebook, with wide ruled lines and one inch margins and everything! Amelia uses her notebook sort of as a diary to record all her 6th grade thoughts and experiences. Amelias is very dramatic like mant six grade girls and vents about practically everything in this notebook of hers. Of course this notebook belongs to Amelia so she is the first person narrator for this novel. Poor Amelia has to deal with her awful big sister Cleo now that she and Amelia are both in middle school now. Lucky for Amelia, Cleo is in the 8th grade and will be going to high school before she can single handedly ruin middle school for Amelia. Well if Mr. Lambaste doesn't ruin it first. Amelia writes fictional stories in her notebook as well like the girl with the magic eyes who can see deep into people. The illustrations in this books are more like doodles made with pen and marker since that is one way that Amelia expresses herself in this notebook. Extra features in this graphic novel include Real useful information for middle school by of course yours truely Amelia herself!In the end readers will realize that Amelia is just a girl trying to be understood by those around her.
This is a very unique, fun to read graphic novel that many dramatic middle ages girls could relate to. I would recommend this book to children grades 4-6.

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