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Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen
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Dec 12, 11

Read in December, 2011

Rated 4.5/5

Summary: Sarah and David have hit a rough patch in their relationship. After five years of marriage, they are both unhappy and fight constantly with each other. In an effort to resolve their issues, they have been going to counseling once a week for the past six months.
On their final visit with Dr. Kelly, they walk into a scene right out of a horror movie. Dr. Kelly is literally eating two of her patients. As Sarah and David stare in shock and disbelief, Dr Kelly turns her attention on them. Before this counseling session is over, Dr Kelly is dead.... for a second time.

Sarah and David soon learn that all of Seattle is under siege by the undead. Some sort of experiment at the University of Washington went horribly wrong and resulted in Zombies taking over the city. The Zombies are multiplying at an astounding rate, and no where in the city is safe.

When the couple is finally able to leave the city, they decide head toward a small town in southern Washington to find out if David's sister has survived. Along the way, they battle zombies, they escape the clutches of a cult, and they become thieves. But, by working together against a common enemy, they also begin to repair their marriage.

Review: As a general rule, zombie stories have never really appealed to me. No matter how talented the author, zombies are still going to be decaying human bodies... YUCK. I picked up this book because the cover made it look like it might be satire instead of a "serious" zombie story. It was not satire. It was a real zombie story with truly disgusting zombies. And believe it or not, I liked it. A lot.

So what made this one different? Humor. Sarah and David are hilarious. It isn't intentional on their part. They just can't help having some ridiculous moments in the midst of the surreal events unfolding around them. For instance, Sarah winds up killing a zombie with a toilet seat after having a meltdown over David leaving the seat up AGAIN. Sure, her life was in danger at the time, but she was that darn toilet seat that made her fly off the handle.

I doubt that I'll ever be a zombie fan, but I'm definitely a fan of this author. She made me like something I never thought I'd like. And for that, she deserves this high rating.
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