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Night School by C.J. Daugherty
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Jan 29, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from January 27 to 29, 2012

Yup, this is definitely a Tina book!!!

Since the Harry Potter days, I've always loved boarding school books. So as soon as I saw this book, I've wanted to read it, I'm not sure why but it sounded like something I'd enjoy and enjoy I did, in fact, it became an instant favorite! Also, the fact that it's set in London and it's British is an extra bonus. I love British books!

Night School has just about everything I love in a good escape. Mystery, intrigue, excitement, driven character and a heart pounding plot. I loved the atmosphere! It's set in an old and odd Gothic mansion turned into a school called Cimmeria Academy. That's where Allie's parents sent her as a last resort after being arrested-again- and decided they had enough and dropped her off at the academy doors, in summer no less. Allie was all for hating every second of her stay, but the school seemed to settle her in a way that she finally feels happy and after what happened to her brother she didn't know if that was ever possible again. Soon enough strange things start happening around Allie, some of the students are even getting hurt and Allie is starting to question exactly what kind of school she got landed in.
She really has no idea....

C.J. Daugherty writing is fabulous!! I love how easy it was to get into this story. She doesn't rush her characters or the plot along. The pacing is perfect and it's quite detailed. The school itself is like it's very own character, it has a very enchanting quality to it, traditional, impressive and intimating at the same time. I loved how expressive the grounds are. The garden and the church and then there's the library and the books and the art, I quickly feel in love with everything about it. I also loved the way the characters moved along. From classes, homework, dinners to romance and mysterious mishaps along the way, we get the full effect and it was really nice to be able to sink in a story that didn't feel rushed for a change. I got to know these characters really well, understanding them better. Some may find it a bit slow moving but I never felt bored, in fact I was genuinely interested in every aspect this book had to offer.

There are a lot of chracters to get to know, but each one has a unique role. Allie of course is our main protag and I really like her. She's had a hard go for awhile there but once we get to know her she becomes a different person right before our eyes. She's got a good head on her shoulders, she knows how to hold her own and even though life at the academy can be challenging she kept her head up and didn't stop fighting for what she believed in.
Jo is a great girl, she has issues, but I liked how natural their friendship felt, same goes for Rachel as well. All the secondary characters; Isabelle, Jules, Lucas, Lisa, Katie and Gabe were all well developed and most of them kept surprising me along the way.
As for the boys? Sylvain is a hard one, he's a charming guy even really likable in the beginning, but he did something that I usually don't find forgivable, but wonderfully enough, somehow Daugherty made him redeemable in my eyes and my heart actually went out to him by the end of the book.
But at last, Carter West owns me! At first this guy was so hot and cold I couldn't form a proper opinion of him till half way throughout the book. But once I hit a certain point there really is no turning back when it comes to Carter, he's the real deal and I absolutely loved him to bits! He and Allie shared some really fantastic moments. These two are so stubborn but the chemistry is intense and very sexy.

This story line is not at all what I thought it was going to be and probably my favorite part of the book.
When you look at the cover, read the title and the blurb that follows it, what is the fist thing that pops in your mind? For me, it's paranromal.
I thought for sure there would be some kind of paranrmal element in this book, it surly reads like one. It makes you feel anxious throughout the entire novel, like your missing the bigger picture or trying to grasp a clouded thought that slips away right before you remember it. This may seem frustraing and even unsettling, but it was actually the opposite for me. It made me want to savor this book instead of rushing to end it. It almost has a teasing flavor that made it so much fun trying to guess the punchline before the big reveal. Sadly, I couldn't for the life of me guess what this book is truly about -what Night School is truly about- so I'm not going to tell you guys, your just gonna have to read it and find out for yourself;)
I will say that this was nicely done, not only is it believable but it's also pretty creative and so not predictable.
If there was ever a book out there that needed a sequel, then this book would be it. My head is spinning and I physically need to know more! I have so many questions about, well, everything so I'm so glad another book is in the works. It simply can not end here!!

Bottom line, I loved this book guys. It was a blast to read and while I usually zip through books like candy, I wanted to savor this one for as long as I could. It's fun, funny, puzzling and incredibly alluring.
An enjoyable experience and a outstanding debut!!

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Donna {Book Passion for Life} Night School is a great read Tina. I think your'll like it! :)

~Tina~ Your right, I probably would love it. Now....where the hell do I get it?? LOL:p

Crystal I can only find it here Tina...

~Tina~ CRYSTAL! I could kiss you!:) I never thought to look for it at Fishpond. Is this an Aussie title?

Thanks Donna:) TBD hasn't ever had it yet:( I did however put in my e-mail 10 times to notify me:P lol

Crystal LOL!! I looked up the authors website and the book has only been released overseas so I flew to fishpond lol! I am not sure if it is aussie I got too excited when I found it that I forgot to look lol. MUAH! XD

Donna {Book Passion for Life} I'm pretty sure it's a UK release but I can purchase it in the UK. Hope you find it. :)

message 8: by oliviasbooks (last edited Jan 08, 2012 09:32AM) (new)

oliviasbooks Just buy it at the co.uk site, Tina, since it's ATOM: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Night...

message 9: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks Available in 48 hrs ...

~Tina~ It shows unavailable...

message 11: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks Strange. I could order it.

message 12: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks Amazon Germany has it too - in stock: http://www.amazon.de/Night-School-01-...

~Tina~ Maybe it's where you live. It's never been available at any of the TBD...it's like an Aussie book. It's there, but it's not available. I'll have to get it at Fishpond later, thanks anyway's Olivia:)

message 14: by Tracey (new) - added it

Tracey Amazon has it or the book depository I find it cheaper the USA site than the UK site :)

~Tina~ Me too, so glad I was able to find it, I'll let you know how I likey:)

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Tina, did you get it at Fishpond?

~Tina~ Yup:) I picked it up for $10+. It's the only place I could find it.

message 18: by Giselle (new)

Giselle This sounds awesome!

~Tina~ I loved it so much. I actually want to read it again!

message 20: by Alexa (new) - added it

Alexa Awesome review, Tina! :D This sounds really good. Looking forward to reading it!

message 21: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah I just ordered it after reading your review :)

~Tina~ @Alexa- Oh good, then I'll take away the maybe;-) lol

@Sarah- I hope you enjoy it!:)

message 23: by Arlene (new)

Arlene This one is being toured at the Street Corner, right? You're k!lling me Tina! Really you are! :P

~goes to join tour because of Tina's fricken awesome review~

~Tina~ Hehehe! I'm say sorry but I'd be lying:P I thought this was such a great fun read and I really hope you guys love it as much as I did:D

message 25: by Arlene (last edited Feb 03, 2012 10:32AM) (new)

Arlene I sure I will, everything you mentioned in your review sounds right up my alley. :D I signed up for the tour. :) ~falls down~ I'll never catch up. :D

~Tina~ Haha, I know what you mean. So many great books and it feels like I can't catch up. No worries though, you can take your time with this book:)

message 27: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Oh whew! Just make sure I'm last though. LOL I just dropped out of 3 tours to punish myself for taking so long with Pure and now I'm joining all over again. ~points at self~ hopeless.

~Tina~ LOL Your to dame cute Arlene!

~Tina~ Thanks Sam!:) This book really was amazing and I hope you enjoy it!

message 30: by Amber (new) - added it

Amber Awesome review Teeny!! I must read this!!! You've got me all sorts of excited!

Kristy Great review! I loved this one too! I really want to know more about her brother and Nathaniel!!!! I'm dying for the next book ;)

~Tina~ Thanks Amber and Kristy!

If you ever want to read this Amber, just let me know:)
Kristy, I was surprised about her brother. I want to know what's up with that! Book two has a lot of s'plaining to do XD

message 33: by Molly (new) - added it

Molly Talbert Great review! I adore boarding school books!

~Tina~ Thanks:) Me too, can't seem to get enough!:)

Lulufrances I didn't read your whole review yet as I am still currently reading the book and don't want to soil anything ;) but I wanted to find out if other people also like carter more than Sylvain (like me) and yay you do!

message 36: by ♥Rachel♥ (new) - added it

♥Rachel♥ Wonderful review, Tina. This sounds so mysterious, and the fact that you couldn't figure out the big reveal has me totally curious. I just got at the ALA a couple of weeks ago. I guess they plan on releasing it in the US in June. I can't wait to read it now. :)

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