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11/22/63 by Stephen King
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Apr 20, 2012

really liked it
Read in March, 2012

4/20/12: I've really slacked over here on Good Reads (fueled in part these past few months by this announcement: but I'm playing catch-up now....

I enjoyed 11/22/63 more than I thought I would. I mean, it's about a guy who TIME TRAVELS into the past. Talk about surreal....But King has a fantastic way with this novel of not only making you ponder the perceived consequences of such a mode of transportation but also, to make you wonder if you could be the one brave enough to take a path back in time like our protagonist, Jake Epping, a newly divorced high school English teacher whose main mission is to stop Lee Harvey Oswald from killing JFK.

This is a beast of a book——800-plus pages——and yet, given or take 75 pages or so, it read like a dime store paperback, so engrossed do you get in the subject material. I personally felt the storyline of Epping tracking Oswald and the president (because the "time portal" dumps him into the year 1958, Jake has to adopt an alias and live in the past until that fateful day in 1963 comes along) was boosted greatly by how Jake passes his time in the past—most notably his serendipitous chance to fall in love.

Overall, a pleasurable read and one that was a surprising addition to King's otherwise grisly collection of titles. I'd recommend this to many people but especially for those leery of King because they fear nothing he writes cannot be gory or gruesome.

Two tidbits to note:
• King actually got the idea for this back back in 1971, but felt he didn't have the time to do the proper research (or the right skills as an author) to pull it off.
• King himself hopes this a book that reaches readers outside of his typical fan base: "This might be a book where we really have a chance to get an audience who's not my ordinary audience. Instead of people who read horror stories, people who read The Help or People of the Book might like this book".

Would make a great vacation/travel read if you're willing to haul it around (this is one case where an e-reader WOULD come in handy!)
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Joann I've not read King in recent years because he was just so gruesome, but I loved this book. Time travel and a beautiful romance. Enjoy!

message 2: by Adam (new)

Adam Krause I read the COMPLETE works of Stephen King (at that time) in the seventh and eighth grade, and then suddenly never wanted to read him again. Tommyknockers, anyone? The Eyes of the Dragon?

message 3: by Cassie (new) - added it

Cassie Wicks Can't wait to read this one!

Suzanne I have to read this over the summer! BTW - congrats on your impending arrival!

message 5: by Riya (new)

Riya I just bought this for my Nook - hope I like it.

message 6: by Art (new) - rated it 5 stars

Art Hill Any chance I can borrow this from you? :-)

Gail Art wrote: "Any chance I can borrow this from you? :-)"

Oh sorry, Art! It was a library read! I think Stacey *might* have it on her e-reader though! I also feel like someone in the office was just talking about it (were you in there? Oh, I know! Greg got it for Xmas...maybe you could borrow his copy!)

message 8: by Art (new) - rated it 5 stars

Art Hill I was there and couldn't remember who we were talking with...seems like Dan F was there too. Oh well, I'll track it down. Thanks!

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