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The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer
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Dec 12, 11

I read this series just to find out what all the hype was about, and why my friends--many of whom were writers and very proud of their craft--seemed to both love and hate these books all at once. I discovered why. Meyer has an amazing, incredible talent for telling a story, but she's a LOUSY writer.

Confused? It goes like this:

The success of the books is more than just an accident. She has a knack for fascinating character concepts (not Edward or Bella, but many of the side characters--such as Alice, Carlisle, and a few others--just make you sit bolt upright in your chair), pacing, and hitting the right triggers so people are drawn in, often against their will. And when her human interactions work, they really, really WORK.

However, she squanders this with--self admitted, no less--lazy writing, a lack of desire to do any research at all (she has abandoned book ideas because they would require research), and an inability to edit a single word. So many of the flaws in her stories could be cleaned up if someone had just cared enough to force her to cut out unnecessary exposition in one area (mainly of the dreeeeamy Edward), and put in more explanations elsewhere--like more exact detail on how the more magical happenings in her novel actually work, or really exploring the intricacies of Bella and Edward's relationship so we weren't left with Edward seeming like a possessive, emotionless stalker.

No, seriously, can you imagine how much BETTER the novel would have been had we seen (for example) Edward as so overwhelmed by the voices always in his head, by always seeing the darker thoughts of those around him that, when he fell for Bella, he found himself trying to protect her from the world, and we got to watch the two of them work that problem out? It's certainly a better explanation for his actions than "I love you so much I feel the need to carve your name in my arm, er, I mean, protect you."

Or perhaps, as someone else once mentioned, the author could have openly and proudly showing that, yes, their relationship was messed up, but it was messed up in a way that worked for THEM. How often have we rooted for relationships to succeed in movies and books that we personally would never want to be in, but we wanted them to happen anyway because they were good for the character? I know I could have accepted that, and it certainly has the ring of "don't try this at home, kids."

Meyer had a ton of things she could have done to rescue this series, but someone apparently decided to coddle her (or she slept with the right people, or she made a deal with the devil--a theory I'm still partial to), and instead we're left with...well, this mess.

This could have been an amazing set of books, even WITH the obvious Mormon morality push throughout the series. Instead what we wound up with is what feels like a teenaged fanfiction gone wild, imagined by a mind who's never been in a serious relationship in her life (scarily, she has).

It's a sad, sad waste.

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