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Sweet Temptation by Maya Banks
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Dec 12, 2011

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Read on December 12, 2011

After the erratic up and down movement of my happiness level with this story, I decided on 3 stars. There was a time where I couldn't take it anymore I had to skip the scenes because of too much blow jobs. If I set aside the super kinks, then this has a decent, conflicted and emotional love story.

After reading the part about Micah in the previous story, I knew that his story was next and one chapter about him is the prologue of this story. I was excited to read about him because he's really secretive about his past and though he's good friends with Connor and Nathan, he doesn't really confide in them, unless they're talking about sex.

Let me just say that this brand of BDSM, spanking, and other kink was too extreme for me. Candle waxes and little to no-aftercare from whipping just bothered me. I couldn't stomach the scenes where Micah let 3 other men fuck Angelina, I was willing to read it at first but when I thought they were finished they were starting up again. Sure the author presented that Micah is proud of her and wants to show his possession, but the things they did to her were more of porn gangbang. I did not like it one bit. I skipped the messy parts and anal that seems too uncomfy.

Angelina loved and yearned for Micah for years and in her own way she strived to be the woman she needed, even though he fought his attraction and lust for her. To him, she's still the 16-year-old sister of his dead best friend, like she never grew up in his eyes. It's obvious that Micah was tormented and someone just needs to whip his ass and see the good thing right in front of him, living flesh and blood, someone who wants him unconditionally. Unfortunately, she has a stalker (I surmised too late but I guessed who the culprit was), and he followed her to Houston.

I mentioned the parts I hated, now I'll mention the ones I love - Faith, Serena, and Julie's friendship and how they welcomed Angelina though they started on the wrong footing. How tender Micah is when he wants to be (I still hoped he'd give her more oral attention when it comes to sex, she deserves it), how he realized what a dumbass he's been and how he wanted to grovel and make up for all the time lost and the hurt caused (now that actually rhymed!)

I appreciate the suspense in here by the way, it was written flawlessly and it makes the danger more exciting in a thrilling way because at least Micah could be the caveman, I also like how he submitted.

Though I was a little disappointed in this one, I'm currently reading Connor's story "Sweet Possession" and I'm amused 'cause he's the most vanilla of them all.
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