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Defiance by Shelly Crane
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"Everything happens for a reason. It was meant to be this way; this day, this reason, this cause,this way". -Peter Book quote in Defiance

I give Defiance 4 1/2 STARS! Ms.Shelly Crane i must say i loved this book it had it's ups and downs but Maggie showed strength through it all. She grew so much in this book and i appreciate her and Caleb's love even more.

Defiance starts off with a challenge as an accusation is thrown at Maggie in an attempt to tarnish her by none other than Marla. But Maggie is smart and quick on the uptake she is well aware of Marla's intentions and plans to stay a step ahead. Maggie and Caleb know that the Watson clan are up to no good and they both do what is needed to keep them and their love ones alive. Most of the Aces are excited and very much happy to have the Visionary among them, some are anxious about the imprints being back and some are cautious not sure what to expect. As the Visionary Maggie wants everyone to be themselves around her and she goes out of her way to show them that she is normal just like them. Well that is when she didn't have to defend herself from a Watson.

Maggie is a soilder she took a lickin but kept on tickin, everytime she felt like the wind was knocked out of her she took a deep breath and fought harder and i love that in my Heroines. I think Crane did an awesome job with the antagonist in this bk Marla and Donald are major pains in the arse. And i forsee one of the 2 making an appearance in bk 4. All the small drama caused by the Watsons had nothin on the epic battle that came at the end of this book lives were lost, the truth was revealed,and the Visionary took her destined place as a leader.

I can't wait for Book 4!!!:D
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