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Soul Screamers Volume One by Rachel Vincent
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Jan 04, 2012

really liked it
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This book is actually a combination of the first two books in the Soul Screamers series, plus a prequel.

3.5 stars!

My Soul to Lose: At only 60 pages long, I can't really rate this one. Kaylee is at the mall with her best friend, when an unstoppable screech erupts from her throat. She's taken to a mental health ward, and must find out what happened, and why her aunt and uncle put her there.

My Soul to Take: The first book in the series; 4 stars! Kaylee is at the club with her best friend (sound familiar?) when she suddenly feels the painful urge to screech at the top of her lungs. A boy from her school, Nash Hudson, takes her outside and calms her down. She soon finds out that she is a bean sidhe or a banshee, and that Nash is one too. Being a bean sidhe, Kaylee can predict that someone around her is going to die, and soon. After three girls drop dead, two of which Kaylee predicted, Nash and Kaylee search for answers. This results in their first meeting with Tod, young a grim reaper. Tod was definitely my favorite character, not only because he was a grim reaper, and I'm a bit obsessed with grim reapers right now, but he was the least boring of the three main characters.
Random Fact: Death the Kid, a character from one of my all-time favorite TV shows/anime, is also a grim reaper, and he's voiced by a man named Tod Haberkorn. I'd thought I'd point this out just because it was a cool coincidence. ;)

*fangirl squeal*

Anyway....Kaylee, Nash, and Tod must find this rogue reaper killing innocent girls and taking their souls, even if it means risking their own souls in the process.
What's up with Nash's name? I hate it! Listen to it; Nash Hudson It sounds so -cue country accent- country Well, they DO live in Texas, right? It sounds like a racecar driver's name, or maybe a car company.

My Soul to Save: the third book in the series; 3 Stars! When at a concert, Kaylee doesn't scream when she witnesses the singer fall dead on stage. She watches a legendary reaper take...something out of her body instead of a soul, and learns that souls can be sold. Kaylee, Nash, and Tod must save a young pop star's soul from an eternity of torture, after she sells it to become rich and famous.
Nash annoyed the crap out of me in this one, he kept trying to get into Kaylee's pants. Speaking of which, I hated the romance between them, it was stupid and out of place.
Has anyone noticed the adoration of food in this series? You're probably thinking "what the hell is she talking about? Food? What?" Like, whenever the characters are talking, they almost always have food in their hands, or are making it. Rachel Vincent must love food, considering Kaylee's always describing how it tastes, feels, and smells. I don't know, it's just something I noticed a lot.

Oh, and the 'drawn out words' really irritated me too. Like 'sooo' and 'nooo' were used a lot. 'weeird' was used once. Again, this is just a small thing I noticed the author did a lot, and it was kind of annoying.

But other than that, they're fairly decent books. I was slightly disappointed with them; they were really boring at parts. Especially My Soul to Save, there was way too much talk, it was so boooring. Hehe, see what I did there?
I'm not sure if I should read the rest of the series or not.
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12/25/2011 page 81
14.0% "Already finished with the prequel!"
12/25/2011 page 117
20.0% "Whoa, careful with the kissing, Kaylee! (Spoiler! I know exactly what Nash is!)"
12/25/2011 page 117
20.0% ""Nash pulled back and looked at me, deep need smoldering beneath his eyes. The intensity of that need, the staggering depth of his longing, slammed into me like a wave on the side of a ship, threatening to knock me overboard. To toss me into the turbulent sea, where the current would surely carry me away." WTF! I thought this was a teen horror, but that sounded like a naughty adult romance!"
12/26/2011 page 190
33.0% ""Does she come with a mute button?" I already love Tod!!" 6 comments
12/28/2011 page 279
48.0% "Kaylee's talent is pretty cool!"
12/28/2011 page 322
56.0% "Whoo! Finished the first book; My Soul to Take!"
12/29/2011 page 384
67.0% ""No one actually knows who writes the List. It could be God himself." IT'S THE FREAKING GRIM REAPER, DAMMIT! Not Tod, but the High Grim Reaper, Death himself."
12/31/2011 page 402
70.0% "I'm guessing 'Dekker Media' is a evil version of Walt Disney?" 1 comment
12/31/2011 page 410
71.0% "My least favorite line in a book that's commonly used is "I shifted uncomfortably..." I always imagine the character on a couch shuffling their butt with a grimace on their face like they need to go to the bathroom."
01/03/2012 page 472
82.0% "....What should I say......"
01/03/2012 page 481
84.0% "Tod is cracking me up!"
01/03/2012 page 496
86.0% "Nash is pissing me off. Kaylee asks if he wants a snack and he responds by getting right in her face and saying "I want you." He REALLY wants to get in her pants, doesn't he? If I were Kaylee, I would have said "Sorry, I'm not on the menu. How about some popcorn?""

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