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Scorched Skies by Samantha Young
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Dec 11, 2011

it was amazing

I got it i got it i got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.....Cant wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!
so yes i read the book in one sitting and then i was too hyped up to write a review!
there are some books that we set out to crush your expectations. this book wasnt one of them. to say scorched skies exceeded my expectations is a gross understatement. it went above and beyond my expectations, and made those hours without sleep so totally worth it!
from the first page itself it had me hooked. The book was in a word amazing!
The Plot was good, intresting and had so many twists that it kept me guessing and constantly on my toes!Some of the things in this book were completly unexpected.
This book wouldent be what it was if it werent for the amazing cvahracters.
Ari has matured so much as a character in this book. I was proud of the fact that she has decided to stop running and hiding and has finaly decided to face things head on! her ability to cope with situations has certainly improved, and i really liked her in this book!
Charlie. We get a glimpse of the old charlie in this book. how he was before the death of Mike. Charlie has come a long way from book one. and i love this funny, carefree,determined,driven,sweet, playful charlie soo much better! Loved the flash back with Mike!
Jai!!!..We get to see into his murky past and understand why he is the way he is. To be honest, Jai was in a word, an idiot in this book!! The number of times he pushed Ari away!!!! AAAAGGGHHHH!@!!!!!!
He did come to his senses in the end though...!! I loved him as always. even at times when i wanted to seriously shake some sense into him!!
I loved the growing relation between Jai and Ari and also the Corroding one between Charlie and Ari. Iam glad though that they decided to remain friends.
Some new characters in this book...may i just say that i want to KISS Trey??? Can he get any adorable????? He was my mosty favourite character in this book!! and i hope we get to see more of him..another new character was Fallon. I am glad that shes with charlie. shes just what he needs and i love her!!
There was only one major dissapointment in this book..two words: Cliff Hanger!!!!!
All in all, this was a most excellent book!! Cannot wait for the next book!!!!!
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