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The Journal of James Halldon by Glynn James
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Dec 10, 11

James Halldon has no idea where he is. It's dark, he's alone, there's no food, nothing to drink, and there seems to be junk everywhere. Also, he discovers, there are zombies.

At one time I was a huge Stephen King fan. I'm not sure what happened along the way, but sometime after Cell, I just felt like his books were no longer giving me the thrill they used to. I'm sure it's not him, it's me; but whatever.

Diary of the Displaced reminded me of everything I loved when I read vintage Stephen King. The scenery, seemingly so improbably, makes perfect sense as the story unfolds. The dark and the horror of the undead, the apocalyptic conditions, and worst of all... being alone. All these things create suspense in the reader and makes the story impossible to put down.

The only thing in the entire book that made me shrug a "Meh" reaction was the introduction of the supposedly horrific Gargants. They're giant slugs. Slugs don't really scare me. They're definitely gross, but they don't really scare me.

Squirrels, now, they scare me. Giant squirrels would have given me nightmares for months.
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