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Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Jan 08, 12

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Read from December 10 to 14, 2011

Looking over the huge number of 5 stars reviews from my goodreads friends I went into Obsidian with really optimistic expectations. I know that I can trust my goodreads opinions on books, as they’re not ones to sugar coat everything but will give their honest opinion. So I’m sorry guys that I didn’t end up loving this as much, I really tried.

The interesting blurb was what drew me to Obsidian in the first place; hot alien next door leaves a mark or glow on unsuspecting human, glow puts human and other aliens at risk and the only way to get rid of the glow is by remaining in close contact with the alien who put the mark on the human in the first place. What made the whole issue about this mark interesting was that the alien-human (Daemon and Katy) had a sort of love- hate relationship going on. It was blatantly obvious that they both liked each other, but whenever it seemed like the two were getting closer together, Daemon would turn into a jerk, suddenly become really defensive and mess everything up. (view spoiler).

I can see why everyone was so infatuated with Daemon; he basically had it all; the sexual appeal rolling off him, his to die for body, full kissable lips, intense emerald eyes, tously hair you can endlessly run your fingers through and not forgetting his loveable charm. But his mood swings at times would infuriate me so much that I just wanted to punch him. Whereas Katy on the other hand I liked her character from the beginning, she was feisty, didn’t take no shit from Daemon or Ash and stood her ground. The sexual tension and banter between her and Daemon I initially liked, but got kind of tedious after a while I just wanted to scream, just get it on would you! However what annoyed me about Katy was that she was a little slow clicking on that there was something up with Daemon, the signs were visibly in front of her; he could hold his breath under water longer than a normal human could, he moved lightning fast (ring any similarities?) and each time she asked him he was really evasive about it or threw it back onto her saying she was imagining it all. However I’ll give Katy some credit because I’ve come across some really clueless characters lately such as Nora and Bethany thankfully Katy wasn’t as clueless as these, she knew something was up with Daemon but not what. But the whole charade of guessing what Daemon is, a series of events happening which are unexplainable and can’t be done by a person with human abilities and the finally discovering he isn’t actually human really gets to me now. I just think this idea has been exhausted so much.

Another major issue that I had with this book was the huge similarities it had with another book (view spoiler) I found that once I’d spotted a similarity I was constantly on the lookout for more and this hugely dampened my interests with the book.

Despite the similarities I did enjoy reading Obsidian somewhat and thus my reason for giving it three stars. The pace throughout the story was good, despite being irritated at times, I was riveted reading it. I wanted to know what was going to happen. The second-half was also a lot more action packed, the alien energy’s could be confusing but I enjoyed this a lot more than the previous “alien- related-theme” book I had read. It was also an hilarious read, which I enjoyed and the ending I applaud, (view spoiler)

Obsidian was a strange reading experience, I wanted to love it, but the similarities at times were too much for me, it has really left me in two minds about picking up the rest of the trilogy.
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Mary what do you think of it so far?

Jasprit It's okay so far, a lot of my friends really loved it, so I hope it picks up soon :)

Mary I have to admit I loved it too hope you will enjoy
It just as much, I'm looking forward to see what you
Think when your done

♥Rachel♥ Oh no, Jasprit! I feel bad you didn't like it more. :(

Jasprit I know me too I had such high hopes too :( oh well theres many books out there to get stuck into :)

♥Rachel♥ I hope it didn't puff it up too much for you, I feel a little responsible. :(

Jasprit Oh no it wasn't your fault at all! I'd read a lot of positive reviews and all of my gr friends had rated it 5 stars anyway! and I didn't completely dislike it there were some parts which were great :)

♥Rachel♥ Oh good. I look forward to your review! :)

message 9: by Mary (new)

Mary I'm waiting on your also, Jasprit. I was on page 60s and stucked there for couple days. Well, actually it's really not a good time to start a book coz I had an errand to do. But usually nothing could distract me from my fav story.

♥Rachel♥ Great honest review Jasprit. :) Sorry again this one didn't work for you.

message 11: by Mary (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mary Sorry it didnt do it for you as much as you want it.

Jasprit I know me too! :( thanks

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