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Blameless by Gail Carriger
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Dec 10, 11

Reviewed by Victorian Vamp

*Warning: possible spoilers ahead.*

A Brief Summary, in which I Try to Avoid Spoilers:

Blameless is the third installment in Gail Carriger’s “The Parasol Protectorate” series, and it picks up where Changeless left off. Alexia has been cast off by her husband, who believes that the child she is carrying cannot possibly be his. Who ever heard of a supernatural and a preternatural spawning a child? Though she finds a short refuge at her mother’s and stepfather’s home, they soon kick her out as well, unwilling to have the stigma of an immoral daughter, who most certainly is pregnant due to an illicit affair, taint their household. Leaving her mother’s home (this time, I really hope it is for good), she finds herself attacked by mechanical ladybugs and the target of vampire attacks. With the help of dependable Floote (her mysterious butler) and her friend Madame Lefoux, Alexia escapes England and makes her way through France to Italy, where she tries to seek help from the mysterious Templars. In the process, she finds out that the little “infant inconvenience” growing inside of her is quite unusual, indeed.

My Review:

Of the three books published in the series so far, this is my least favorite. It is still good, but there is just something missing—namely, the trademark humor found in the previous two books. There are still funny moments, but I didn’t laugh aloud at anything in this novel. That being said, it is hard to create many laughable moments when you are writing about a pregnant woman fighting for her life while her drunken husband has basically abandoned her. Yes, it sounds bad, but keep in mind these are not meant to be serious dramatic novels…and things work out okay in the end, of course.

What I liked most about Blameless is that I really got to know Floote a lot better. He is such a great character and holds so many secrets…hardly any of which he has yet to divulge! I have always enjoyed encountering him on the page, but he has a much larger role in this book than in the previous ones. Madame Lefoux maintains her supporting role, as well, though we hardly see Ivy, Alexia’s best friend. Not much has changed in the way Madame Lefoux is portrayed, so I can’t say that I learned anything new about her, for the most part. Still, she is always a fun character and brings a lot of excitement to Alexia’s life. The mystery surrounding Alexia’s father deepens, and his relationship with the Templars is fascinating. I see a lot more coming out about Alexia’s heritage and her father…and I can’t wait. Alexia seems a bit more mature in this book, too. I like that she allows herself to feel her emotions a bit more, though I was unsatisfied with her reaction at the end.

I do have a few criticisms of the book, though. I didn’t like that Lord Akeldama is absent for most of the narrative. He is one of my favorite characters and clearly has so much to offer. Still, I did like that his character showed a bit of a serious side in this novel. His loyalty to Alexia is admirable. On a different note, I especially didn’t like that Alexia accepted her family’s abuse so calmly. Every time I turn around in this series, she just puts up with her awful mother and sisters. I want her to divorce herself from them completely. The other problem I have (voiced by Madame Lefoux, too) is that Conall’s and Alexia’s reconciliation was so simplistic. I wanted more hashed out between the two of them.

Overall, I would give this book 3.5 crescent moons.

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