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ArchEnemy by Frank Beddor
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Dec 14, 2011

really liked it
Read from December 10 to 14, 2011

** spoiler alert ** What a great conclusion to this trilogy. With that opening with Alyss stuck in Earth I was pretty worried, but it all worked out in the end.

So Arch is still a sexist. And he's the big time enemy in this book, as I suspected. He was pretty smart about everything though. I was glad he got his in the end though and I'm probably pretty wicked for liking the fact that Redd was the one who got to nearly kill him. So now he's roaming Earth and one day Earth will know who he is? Cool way to leave that to our imaginations.

I loved Molly's storyline throughout this book. I liked that Hatter left her with Dodgson and that Dodgson got to help in the overall ending of the novel. Alyss is forever his phantom and will always haunt him. Good!

In fact, I like that all the earth types were brought into this third book. The Liddell's too. How they helped Molly in getting over her insecurities and self-doubt. Very cool.

So Dodge got his revenge on The Cat. I get why he needed it. But I also liked that in the end he realized that revenge did not honor his father's memory and that it wasn't completely worth all the effort he had put into it.

Poor General Doppelganger! I hated that Arch tortured him! But I liked that he survived and was okay in the end.

Redd taming the Jabberwock's was cool. I could just picture her riding them into battle in the end.

I liked how Redd and Alyss tried to work together to defeat Arch, but that in the end Redd's own vanity got her. She became a part of the Everqueen on the inside and Alyss was on the outside.

The Caterpillars! They were awesome as the Wonderland oracles. I liked all their cryptic conversations where they all had the same thoughts and visions and the like.

What the Spades were doing was awful! Locking up all the imaginationists. I like that now Everqueen means that imagination can't be destroyed. That was really brave of Alyss to figure out that the heart crystal was too powerful and that power corrupts and that she had to destroy it. That took a giant leap of faith.

But I think taking a giant leap of faith is what the author was trying to get across in all three of these books. Sometimes you have to do it in order to make big things happen.

Really good books!

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