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Tempest Unleashed by Tracy Deebs
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Jun 11, 2012

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Read from May 08 to 13, 2012

I was nervous about this one going in, since the cover just does not do it for me. I am sorry to say, but to me, it looks like something done with MS Paint, and the color of the font just clashes. Since I did enjoy Tempest Rising so much though, I decided I would like to read this one despite the disappointing visual. Sadly, while there were some aspects of the story that I enjoyed, overall I found this to be somewhat of a letdown.

Tempest becomes a difficult character for me to like in this story. I understand that her life has become even more difficult than it had been previously, but I found her coming across as selfish and immature. This was especially evident in her romantic life. I hated the love triangle that was redeveloped in this book. It had worked fairly well in Tempest Rising, but here it just made me dislike Tempest. She kept stringing along both guys, and repeatedly cheating on one or the other. I actually liked both boys, and I felt very sorry for them. I also still enjoyed Tempest’s family, and I was disappointed that they appeared so infrequently.

The story starts off rather slowly. There are a lot of details about Tempest’s mermaid life, but it does not seem like a whole lot truly happens. There are a couple of action moments, but then things would just die back down. Once the drama really starts to happen the book moves by quickly, but it takes a bit of work to get to that point. I did enjoy Tempest’s struggle to understand and control her abilities, which were very cool. The battle between Tiamat and Tempest was probably one of the highlights of the book.

Overall, I was very disappointed in Tempest Unleashed. I had thoroughly enjoyed the story built up in Tempest Rising, but I hated where things went with this book. There have been many readers who enjoyed this book, however, so perhaps this was just not for me. Sadly, I doubt I will be reading anymore books that journey into Tempest’s world. Personally, I would recommend just reading the first book in the series.

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